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    Pro Surfer Shills

    Did JJF bang TSwift?
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    Kelly at Honolua

    That's a lot of waves for one session out there. The times I've been I was stocked with just one set wave every hour or so (if I was lucky). Pros can take off in weird places I can't/won't/shoudn't tho
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    Looking into moving to Central America

    My last trip to CR I noticed sh!t was as expensive as the US. I'm sure you could figure out how to do it on the cheap, but that ship may have sailed in terms of affordability. Seems like relative safety and security is at a premium in Centro. Still, CR seems like a wonderful place to retire...
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    Looking into moving to Central America

    I keep seeing Panama being touted as the place to retire in Centro as well. As I continue to get hunks of skin hacked off from too much sun, my dreams of tropical retirement dwindle. . . .
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    Another Epic Mex Trip

    You just won the erBB
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    Totally strange.

    I had a gay guy tell me once "your gf gives you BJs because she wants something. I'll just do it because I really want to."
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    best place learn tuberiding?

    That place is a hoax 99% of the time unless you're BB
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    best place learn tuberiding?

    That's been this month so far . . .
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    Geezers who surf.

    Bob Rotherdam and his crew of rippy geezers are still pulling in over Big Momma on little boards . . .
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    Chappelle - Butthurt Provocateur

    Richard Pryor B!tch, you don't give me no pvssy Ima fvvk this couch Richard : Ima go find me some new pvssy Wife: If you'd had two more inches of d!ck, you'd find some new pvssy right here At 14 years old, I thought I was gonna **** my pants laughing
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    Geezers who surf.

    GLand is the new Old Man's
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    Geezers who surf.

    Seven point scale rules
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    Chappelle - Butthurt Provocateur

    The new Netflix stand up is pretty raw, and there's no shortage of butthurt surrounding it. In a lot of ways his position is solid and he's not wrong . . . The Pronouners have made him their pariah. I laughed -- good comedy, great social commentary.
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    Stoniest pros

    That whole affected my wife left me self indulgent SoulQuest movie thing he did was the nail in the coffin for me being a Machado fanboy. Also letting Slates chump him at Pipe for the title made him an irredeemable pvssy in my reckoning.
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    Your favorite decade of surfing

    The 90s, especially early 90s (and late 80s) Even tho HPSB design fashion was lame (thanks again, Slater) surfing wasn't hip or cool. Lotsa days with light crowds, surf travel was better, longboarding was so passé that you could buy a used Frye for $200, custom shapes from Mitzven and Rusty...