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    Rest In Peace Chris 'Davo' Davidson

    @Duffy LaCoronilla The first story is for you.
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    Head gasket + cylinder head machining in San Diego County or Orange County

    I found a shop to do it for roughly $3500 with head machining. Given used car prices, I'm paying it. @Muscles I cannot change who I am (an engineer) - the heads must be machined :) Also it's a flat 4 so it's an engine-out. I took your advice on the rotors and pads and used the spare tire jack...
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    How’s the stock market?

    The Fed has one knob left - its balance sheets. It can't touch the interest rates anymore.
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    Never forget…

    The CDC is advertising their vaccine compensation program at the pediatrician's office with their handouts. My oldest just got his last DTAP. This is the only program we have. This is how they pressured everyone: Good people do not use...
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    Here we are:
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    Never forget…

    This is what happened: Having been scammed before, I could immediately recognize the signs. Even if you accept that there were no data integrity issues with the original vaccine trials, no trials were run on the...
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    Never forget…

    The heart problems are not rare. 1 in 2500 to one in 5000 in young men and boys is not rare. This is supposedly less common in young women, but maybe this is manifesting in afib and is going unmeasured. Like the doctors said, this is more common than reported. Why? First, reporting to VAERS...
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    Never forget…
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    *** Official Corona Virus Thread ***

    Remember this? Pfizer is pursuing the "bury them in documents" strategy, like the Sacklers.
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    How’s the stock market?

    Bad news for Kai Lenny and other Hawaiian cabana boys:
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    Never forget…
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    Never forget…

    I doubt here will be national unity again after Year Zero. Duffy, did your son sign up to fight for the GAE or is he doing something else?
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    Kim Firing Missles Again, Right Over Japan

    Hypersonic! Intercontinental! Mach 17...
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    How’s the stock market?

    How will this help now that Germany gets all its gas from Norway and the US now? Are they capping the price of our gas? It's pretty clear that all we're headed towards another 2008-style meltdown. I don't understand all of this since I work on real stuff but neither do the people making...
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    Never forget…

    He needs to have his heart looked at.