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    Teachers seem mature and well adjusted.

    its wack that they even think that this is possible. :crazy2:
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    Teachers seem mature and well adjusted.

    by law 2yrolds in NJ daycare must now wear masks. sigh.
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    Kookiest locals???

    i don't "wait my turn." i also don't (intentionally....well, i will but only under extenuating circumstances) drop in. IMO the wave goes to the fittest and perhaps most experienced/well equipped rider. "wait your turn"....only if i have to. :jamon:
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    Gavin will own your home now

    prediction: "duplexization" doubles the amount of housing units. homeless numbers unchanged. :unsure:
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    In Defense of OZ

    i'll try. (this is from an actual personal experience) the clutch wire snapped. the tunnel was dark. towtruck lights.. lit up our hearts.
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    Why didn’t these Ozzies just comply?

    white idiocracy? :violin:
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    Kookiest locals???

    La Isla - a great wave - is fading. ain't what it usedtobe...
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    Pray for rain.

    if California needs water - why can't we tap the giant Mississippi River? pretty sure there's plenty. :shrug:
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    Discrimination gets met with violence.

    a good reason to work in a restaurant is one might learn how to BEHAVE in a restaurant. after a stint as a waiter/busperson....i think i kinda mind my manners better. :cheers:
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    Travel recs - Vermont/Maine

    Maine is - like the license plate says - vacationland. Hunting fishing surfing skiing hiking canoeing....tons to do. :)
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    Latest Twin Tech !

    like the beach-goer in Rio? :monkey:
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    In Defense of OZ

    America just provided Australia w/nuke sub technology. Seems both wanted to send a message to China. Hope its not necessary...
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    Wetsuit Acne

    could be bugs. vac room, wash sheets, if you have compressed air blast your bed frame. this summer i have been, strawberry flies, greenheads, mozzies and a wasp nailed me while moving trash cans. October is when the yellow-jackets attack. can't wait.
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    Capitol Riots/Insurrection Part Deux?

    bet low turnout. they may not approve of certain elections.... but they get the jail thing. :loser:
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    This is for the fat shamers!

    what surfboard? :monkey: