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    *** Official 2020 Community Surf Journal ***

    Good to know. Swell was missing the reefs at high tide so I made a rare journey to the pier. 10am- still pretty packed with dudes (maybe college kids?). Some fun swell, finally!, and got a few rights off the pilings which were mostly: race a couple sections, a check turn, and bash the lip on the...
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    *** Official Fin Thread ***

    If those are the same template as the recent FCS version, I was intrigued. What kind of boards are you planning to use them in?
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    Tomo MPH

    Sure seems like most of these threads are parodies now. Maybe it's all been said already
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    Christenson Lane Splitter

    Sooo average. Did not make the Lane Splitter look fun, which needs a better/cleaner wave. More comfortable on the Ocean Racer, where the planing hull did more of the work for him.
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    Deepest Reaches "Pizza Box"

    Well, it looks real nice. I didn't realize you could do the heatgun trick with PU/PE boards.
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    7'6" Mini Longboard

    just don't call it a midlength!
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    Tomo MPH

    5'9 or maybe 10
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    What OTR surfboard should I buy? WE HAVE A WINNER!!!!!

    LOL. +1 on lost Maybe a minisim? Pretty different sensation than most boards. Fun to break things up. Mollusk may have some stock ones. XTR stock section? Maybe 6'0 Ghost or 6'0 Phantom Not sure how big you are, but you liked...
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    Tomo MPH

    Well, in my thought experiment, I was thinking about it vs. a midlength, so really maybe at least a foot over your height. I know you're shorter, but not that small! Only a couple-few inches too big and you will experience that getting hung up in the lip, at times. Ask me how I know... LOL RK is...
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    Laying rail

    Man, Pancho was a great power surfer. Other personal faves: Simon, Carroll, Margo, Egan, Occy/Rocky, Munga, Sunny, Parko, AI, Bourez...and anyone who ripped at Sunset or big J-Bay. Didn't like Kong's hand jive, but dude had raw power.
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    *** Official 2020 Community Surf Journal ***

    lunchtime blown-out micro knee-high waves at the local longboard break on the mini glider. Managed to find a couple peaks with just 3 softtop nerds so caught 15 waves in 25 min. At least I got some exercise. Felt lots of little squishy wrigglers underfoot on the sand bottom, saw a couple small...
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    Tomo MPH

    LOL. I guess I thought of Omni first with the round tail as most similar to a typical midlength outline. I think I also remember FW actually provided one to a Wired writer in SF as a learner board for an article- which I thought was odd at the time. It was a bit tongue-in-cheek, since I know...
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    Tomo MPH

    @Havoc Was thinking about this in the water the other day... I know you make fun of the oversized Tomos as for kooks, but is a 6'6 Tomo really worse than all these 7' midlengths that are all over nowadays? I'd probably have more fun on a 7' Omni than the new CI mid. Honestly, the planing hull...
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    *** Official 2020 Community Surf Journal ***

    midday, pretty high tide, side/onshore wind and knee-waist high at a local reef. Only 3 other people out, so that tells you how poor conditions were. 8' mini glider made a meal of the chunky mushburgers on offer. The glide is real... Can't imagine the speed on an 11 footer. Pretty easy pickings...
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    Who else has convinced themselves they need a new board during this Covid-19 downtime?

    That is such a bummer. After 30+ years surfing, I've had my first 2 boards shipped this year and was so relieved both came w/o a scratch. Talk to Stretch first. If it was insured properly, he (or the carrier) should reimburse for the ding repair & color match.