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    The Pyzalien 2 is back up for sale. Still in pristine condition. In NJ. PM if interested. Thanks
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    stretch boards support and board pron thread

    I ride mine with the Akila Aipa twin set. Has great hold and drive at the same time. Cant remember a board that felt so good so fast. This board is almost a quiver killer...almost. Ride it in NJ when the waves are really good. Just ordered the 5150 with the fin setup that RowJimmy got...
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    The most radical surf photo ever. Post 'em up.

    The recent photo of Kemper at chopes is one of my favorites in a bit.
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    Rounded pin tail twins

    Is this a new model? What is this? Been slacking on this thread but i like the looks and Pyzels always seem like a safe bet.
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    How’s the stock market?

    Whats the plan? What are you buying?
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    WTB AM2s Futures

    Yup @JeffRSpicoli got an set laying around?
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    WTB AM2s Futures

    Seem to be pretty popular so not sure if anyone has a set they want to sell. Let me know if so. Thanks
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    Pyzel Ghost?

    @Maz and @frontsidegrab what fins are you guys using in the Pyzalien 2? Do you use stick with quad/thruster or switch it up? THanks
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    Cold hands/nj surfing

    And what size are you wearing? Same as shoe size? Thanks @morrisone
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    Cold hands/nj surfing

    I might have to try these. Once my feet go, I'm pretty much useless. I notice when I go from 5mil boots to 7mil sometimes I kind of roll over my toe. Not sure if that is me getting old or lazy. 5mil lobster claws usually good for the winter but have a pair of 7mil mittens I use when its...
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    WHAT YOlO's & Customs Adding Quiver '22???

    Yeah, but not riding as a twin. Also, want to hears what a non-sponsored or company man has to say about the 5150. Never seen one in person yet (in NJ).
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    WHAT YOlO's & Customs Adding Quiver '22???

    This is on my list as well. Eager to see it and hear what you think. Tell Stretch to expediate this for the Erbb
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    Who had that Bitcoin target price prediction?

    Whats the top thought for CRO?
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    Who had that Bitcoin target price prediction?

    Jasmy then this one!!! Keep em coming r32. Thanks again!
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    For the east coast guys (NJ), how much is delivery? Ever have any issues? Torn between a Hydroshort and the Mini-Ghost.