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    Mental Health thread

    I started meditating with Tom Carroll on his instagram page (he does live meditations) and I gave up the weed. It has me feeling much better. Ive been working the whole time but I still cant get past what is behind all of this mess. There are actual check points coming into NY. I think its...
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    4x brand new O'Neill trunks - all size 31. $20/each

    I'll take 3 and 4 message inbound
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    Mental Health thread

    High is the time I like to do those chores, otherwise doing them sober sucks ass
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    Just looked at a Hobie cat 16 today that I might pick up for some fun.
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    Hand Planes

    I bought a cheapie one and having blast with it. What are some of your favorites around here? Any benefit in buying one of those expensive ones?