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    looks a little like this one from B. Wynn I had a few years back. Dims a bit more generous than the CI at the same size, but similar idea. Kinda makes me want to order another.
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    **BONZER THREAD 2014**

    I think this is the way I’m leaning...I had a magic MR style twin+trailer when I was in my teens back in the late 90s & have always had a soft spot for the design...we rarely see A/Os here on the east coast-new or used. I’m definitely not a thruster guy, I’ve spent a ton of time on twin & quad...
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    **BONZER THREAD 2014**

    I need the advice of the bonzer collective. Let me preface this by saying that the Octafish is one of my all-time favorite designs I’ve had in nearly 30 years of surfing...if I had to, I would be content to have just an Octafish. That said, I have an opportunity to score a new-to-me...
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    **BONZER THREAD 2014**

    you’re stoked! Octafish is still one of my all-time favorites!
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    **BONZER THREAD 2014**

    Recently scored a new-to-me bonzer 3. Pretty stoked on this thing! 5’6”x21”x2 5/8” Feels wider than 21”, but the rails feel full but knifey, if that makes sense.
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    Campbell Bros Egg

    Yowza that’s sexy! :love::love:
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    Bonzer Center Fin Alternatives

    6.5” fin is the business for me...but I’ve never had any of the wider tailed designs. So-try a 6.5” & check placement carefully. I like mine right in line w/ the trailing edge of the runners. I don’t really worry about distance from the tail.
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    6’6” Russ Short in NJ

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    6’6” Russ Short in NJ

    See c-list ad for details: *will not ship*
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    *** Official Fin Thread ***

    Greenough 4A & Rusty flex fin are my favorite single fins
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    *** Official Fin Thread ***

    Quad sets. The thinner set is from Jack Jensen, the thicker one is from Soar. I think I pretty much have my answer though, since the board in question is a good wave board. Thanks!
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    *** Official Fin Thread ***

    Foil question...w/ all things being equal (board, fin template, placement, etc...), what would I gain or lose from a thicker foil vs. thinner? I have 2 sets of fins that are identical except for foil, so just curious what the difference would be.
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    paddling fatigue

    only boring if you let it be boring. Lots to see out there, even in winter.
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    What's new in the sailing world

    one of my favorite memories from growing up is of my dad & I surfing on his Hobie 18...into the beach, across shoals into the inlet, open ocean...didn’t matter. I distinctly remember one late summer sail where we launched from the beach through waves that were maybe 1 foot, but when we got out...