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    Keel fin feedback?

    Almost 4m wait, but 100% worth the wait! Brian Wynn produced a stunning pair of fish for me. Red & blue are new additions, greenie dates to late winter or early spring 2014 but is still going strong. All 3 are 5’8”x21”x2 5/8” & about 12” across the pins. Captain Fin Co. Christiansen keel in the...
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    Maldives, worth it?

    Pasta Point was my first thought as well...the resort has exclusive access rights but doesn’t just book surfers. When I did my boat trip, the line up was pretty empty each time we cruised by it. Maybe 4 guys, max.
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    Maldives, worth it?

    Do it. I did a boat trip there about 10 years ago in August & scored some really fun, amazing surf. The non-surf stuff is great, too. I’ve convinced my wife that we need to go there for a milestone anniversary. Should probably start saving up now
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    Ryan Burch Goofy Parallelogram

    God, I wish you rode bigger boards...!
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    **BONZER THREAD 2014**

    I think it was either GWS or 20W who had one made back when it was first revived. 2010-2011, maybe? I remember it was red.
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    Solid Bento Box

    I’ve found that they are less than responsive to questions. I reached out w/ some questions about a couple models I was looking at & considering for a custom order & they never got back to me. Disappointing, to say the least. I really like their alternative build tech & the look of the shapes.
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    Two More Witnesses Come Forward Corroborating Tara Reade's Sexual Assault Allegations Against Biden

    So then you agree Trump belongs in prison, not the Oval Office?
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    How Many Boards Do You Own and Actually Surf?

    3- B. Wynn quad fish, Bing Dart, B. Wynn log +1- 12’ Bark paddleboard fish & the paddleboard get the most use.
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    Dual foil keels— does anyone prefer them?

    I’m sure those things play into it to some degree, hence my experimentation w/ a variety of templates...TA Hobie (removable & glass on), Rastas, Futures K1 & K2, etc...thus my preference for double foil glass on keels.
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    Dual foil keels— does anyone prefer them?

    they feel faster w/ less input from me. Single foils I’ve had have all felt dead & that they needed a lot more input to generate speed than the double foils. I once took a great 5’10” fish w/ bamboo Geppys back to the shaper & had him grind them off & replace them w/ bamboo Hobies. Killed the...
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    Dual foil keels— does anyone prefer them?

    I have not had any luck w/ single foil keels, either removable or glassed on. My best twin fish experiences have all been w/ glassed on double foiled keels. That said, I’m going to find out for sure soon, b/c I just put a double fish order in w/ Brian Wynn. Identical boards, one w/ Futures (in...
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    Really liking the look & dimensions of the large Marlin keels...might have to grab a set.
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    Do you have a SHTF board?

    5’8 Wynn quad fish...classic outline w/ slightly more pinched rails vs a full retro shape...goes in pretty much everything I’m going to paddle out in
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    Keel fin feedback?

    Yea, 50/50. We’ll see how it goes.