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    Hovercraft 2021

    @MrSteve Lets do a group order
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    Hovercraft 2021

    Drew Baggett wrapped :jamon:
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    Shaping video

    Maybe so I like low rocker boards(tail 2" and under) but due to age and physical condition they are a bit more voluminous than standard, which can be challenging to keep deck rocker from "dipping" in the last foot or so if I don't keeps some thickness in the tail block :shaka:
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    Shaping video

    you think it's volume reduction so the tail doesn't look think as a brick?
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    Who are the shapers of your quiver?

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    Roof Racks

    Hard to go wrong with Yakima. Had these guys install a track on my 2010 Prius(for warranty purpose) most everything else bought second hand. parts are readily available. You'd be amazed what you can haul from the Home Depot on top of a Prius. :cool:
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    ^^My 6-5 DA 4 channel twinzer is on Offer up for way less and no damage
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    ***Official 2021 Community Surf Journal***

    Super clean micro-waves with offshores, 6-2 poly twinzer worked perfect. Couple clean hollow views :shaka:
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    The Great Unbiased Wetsuit Review Thread

    @casa_mugrienta I asked Steve about that type of zipper entry (Cyber has) He said it's a LOT of zipper to keep clean and functioning properly.
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    ***Official 2021 Community Surf Journal***

    Few uber clean Smalls this morning. On it pretty early, alone for the most part. 6-2 four channel twinzer works in everything :shaka:
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    Happy birthday santacruzin!

    HBD!! :cheers:
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    Science is real

    wind/low pressure (nonscientific point of view)
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    ***Official 2021 Community Surf Journal***

    Two days of Southern California fall classic Left it still good,both days, too tired to paddle :shaka:
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    Dark Arts vs. Varial with Carbon…

    The thinner the board the more likely the issue, me thinks Check out some vac-bag videos
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    Dark Arts vs. Varial with Carbon…

    I would think that vacuum bagging might add some "stresses" to the lamination process