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    First Decent Self Shape – How long?

    Great thread. I shaped my first and only board last year winter. I went really slow and it turned out pretty much how I wanted and surfs like I wanted it to. I enjoyed the process much more than I thought I would. Is it beautiful? Oh hell no. I tried to copy Tomo's QISC on my first board which...
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    I'm in for these, PM sent.
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    Whoa, is that a 9'6" with a normal tailpad or a 6'9" with a tailpad for ants? Haven't seen that pad before, kinda cool actually. Especially on the Black Beauty a full tailpad seems like blasphemy
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    Does anyone make something like this...

    Oh, my bad. I only knew of their epoxy boards in the pop-out rack at some shops. Good to know. Thanks for the education.
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    Does anyone make something like this...

    That Poacher actually looks interesting. Is there a reputable shaper that makes something similar. I'll assume that Casa is taking the **** on Degree33, which is fair.
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    Modern board like Lost RV

    My Bottom Feeder is the original C3 construction Drew built. That board has been put through the wringer and still gets regular use. My wife has an EZ up which she likes. These are not boards that ride like shortboards, and we're cool with that.
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    Boar for big mushy waves

    Yeah, for me, this is the place where mid-lengths are a ton of fun. A good mid-length is way better than my little groveler in HH or OH mush. And better for getting around the lineup. I have one that is duck-diveable for me so I can manage it in the line up. So mid-size not a small longboard...
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    Tomo MPH

    Then I'll have to buy my first FireTurd
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    New stubby/alt DD options

    Ted, can we get a comparison in your words between the Retro and 96? What do you find the advantages of one vs the other, etc?
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    Custom 7till8 wetsuits

    Same. Wife laughed, "why is your suit so shiny? It looks tight." Couple sessions in and it felt perfect and is staying that way. Lovin' my Feral.
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    Tomo MPH

    Agree on the Omni. My buddy has one that I get to ride occasionally. It's over volume and yet it is really responsive. Super easy to catch waves with and navigate currents but plenty of curve in the board for waves that have curve.
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    Rounded pin tail twins

    Interesting, that Pyzel appears to have FCS Fusion boxes. Right? Don't see enough of those in boards coming out these days.
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    Tomo MPH

    Dude, get off the computer and go surf that Revo! :poke: Need that report. :waving:
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    Tomo MPH

    Fellow Oregon surfer here. I think many on this forum will freak out on the concept of >6 foot Tomo's. And I've not surfed any of these really short Tomos that they do in SoCal and perfect tropical reefs/points. I do surf some shorter grovel boards, 5'8 to 5'10 in mellow summer conditions. The...
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    Hey @ReForest, don't you have a Revo that is about due or overdue at this point? I've been looking forward to that photos of that and ride report.