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    Weight loss is harder than rocket science.

    This being the erBB...what movie star was she thinking of when she made that comment? :D
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    More Global Warming

    Point/Counter Point
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    How To Be A Woke White Person

    Is it wrong that I see humor in both videos?
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    How To Be A Woke White Person

    I suppose I can accept your opinion on the first point, but I take umbrage on your third (the looking part). Link to show basis of umbrage. Edit: I take umbrage and not being able to post a smilie without getting an error.....said smilie would indicate an attempt at humor.
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    Riot videos and reaction here

    Testing - Testing - Testing Hmm, can link a cut an paste image, but it fails to display automatically.
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    Weight loss is harder than rocket science.

    Caught up a friend over the weekend. We talked of lots of things, but he did tell a good story on how he lost 20 lbs since March. "Mr Doof, I think I finally figured out how to lose weight. See, when the lockdown started, thought money would get tight, so I swore to only buy necessities, and...
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    *** Official Corona Virus Thread ***

    # 162
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    *** Official Corona Virus Thread ***

    What did he end up doing? It's been 4+ months.
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    Electric bikes now everywhere. (stimulus check related)

    I think I prefer a more stealthy looking electric bike like the ones that have in-frame battery packs, you know, more of an assist type bike rather than motor first type bike. If I want to go fast and far, I'll get ride the gasoline powered motorbike. Too each her own I suppose, just please...
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    blowing up spots for cbd ad

    I remember surfing there with a roommate back in the early 90s (maybe surfed it 20-25 times ever). He was amping because he used to surf it all the time in the 80s, after being show the place by a guy who used to surf it all the time in the 70s.
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    Just got the seeds in the mail...can anyone ID?

    Source Blurb: The U.S. Department of Agriculture has identified 14 different kinds of seeds in the mysterious packages that appear to have been sent unsolicited from China to people around the country. All 50 states have issued warnings about the packages some of which contain flowering...
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    Transferring deed on a house?

    1 Easy to change wills or add codicil. The wrong number on it doesn't mean you don't have legal right to it. No one else knows what is on the will or if there is a will. They only know who owns it as recorded on the deed. Change the will if there is someone who would contest the will. 2...
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    *** Official Corona Virus Thread ***

    Thanks for the recommendation. Will take a gander this weekend.
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    Are you better off now than you were 4 years ago v2.

    ^ - How went the dates?
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    Kodak was killed by the switch to digital cameras and in part because they wasted their digital camera patents and thought their chemical patents that gave molecular resolution would win in the long run. Complacency really. Kodak is/has been pivoting to a general and specialty chemical supply...