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    I’m at a military base right now and...

    The $40 would salve my conscience and maybe a box so it looks like I am just taking home some extra work for the weekend.
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    Has anyone here ever lived in a home worth $1,000,000 or more?

    Attending university, I once went went to a sorority function with a gal from Twin Falls, Idaho, just down the road from Idaho Falls, Idaho. I was stocked at the time. Wonder where Brooke is now.
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    Thousands of 10-Inch Pulsing “Penis Fish” Stranded on a California Beach

    A different news item confirms that they are eaten by humans in countries not named USA.
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    I’m at a military base right now and...

    Our IT closest has some older Dell 1080 IPS panel screens. Maybe three years old. I don't think they make this model any more. Anyway, I asked a few higher ups if I could buy one for 50% off what we paid. No luck. They are still there 6 months later. Maybe I just need to offer $40 to the...
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    Porn Stache

    I don't because I mentioned it earlier. The game of one-upmanship commences :p
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    Has anyone here ever lived in a home worth $1,000,000 or more?

    ^ A co-worker grew up in Taft. The stories he tells about those towns on 33 and 58 and 119 etc. remind me of the stories from one of my sister's father-in-law stories about growing up in the Dustbowl (Hi, Frank!)....his family was too poor to follow the thing he often repeats in...
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    Has anyone here ever lived in a home worth $1,000,000 or more?

    You forgot to mention that after your are done killing wildlife, ruining your knees lifting weights, and soaking bait in a stream you will be too tired to have me over for a beer. Fine, two can play at that game! :cursing:
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    Crowded California

    ^ - That spot was great swimming with occasional body surfing party wave when we were there. Then it was a decent walk up along the road, chatting with some fishermen, then to Kaena Pt and the birds.
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    Time (to surf) vs. Money

    If you live near me, quit surfing and take up corporate life. Otherwise, well, strive for the boring world of balance and complain about being bored or strive for surfing and complain about not having money to live where you want or strive for money and complain about how it hasn't brought you...
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    Trumby signing an order declaring Judaism a nationality.....

    Knew I should have put a smilie on that post. You do not see the gallows humor by inviting a guy to a Hanukkah celebration who said: At a sermon he preached in 2008, he said: “Not only do religions like Mormonism, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism – not only do they lead people away from the true God...
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    Northern California Storm

    Lindamar at the creek!
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    What’s the going rate for Mexican Blankets?

    A side question for those in Monterey Bay area.... On Hwy 1, south of Aptos, north of Monterey, on the west side of Hwy 1, there is a large "Mexican store"...a store filled with all things one typically would find at tourist stores in TJ. Where exactly is it? Or does it exist any longer? Is...
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    Achilles Tendon Surgery

    Thanks for the follow-up in real time. How much further do you think you have to go before you are as "back to normal" as you can get? What do you think really helped your recovery? What do you think really didn't help your recovery?
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    If Trump wins a second term.

    "Do you guys think the deficit created during trump's rein will have an influence on the economy at some point? " Yes.