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    Fins - Futures, FCS, Quad and Twin

    Fins arrived and in great shape! Looking forward to getting them in the water.
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    Fins - Futures, FCS, Quad and Twin

    PM sent on the Mccallums
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    MC shiva fin set ups

    I just picked up a slightly over foamed shiva and had a couple of decent sessions on it. Because of its versatility i'm still trying to figure out its best setup. The other day I threw in a 7" greenough with blackstix rears (green ones) as side bites and the thing lit up. Felt way more...
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    The Craigslist Thread Wish I was 30 lbs lighter
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    cross country glider

    Nice board J_D_J! Curious as to how an Andreini Serena Pin falls into the whole glider thing. I saw a guy having a blast on some micro waves on a 9ft plus one but I imagine they have a "hully" feel.
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    Speed Dialer - what are you thoughts/experiences?

    Always keep one in the quiver. DK makes a great one.
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    Wtb: zippi fish, ..lost rnf redux

    ET surf has a zippi on consignment that I saw over the weekend. Think it was a 5'9" at 3 bills. Looked clean.
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    WTB FCS II Peformers

    Anyone have a set that they didn't click with? :shrug:
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    The Craigslist Thread

    RNF Redux carbon wrap. Wish I had money to burn
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    FS: Robin Mair Quad glass FCS fins

    Hey gkl68 clear your inbox pls
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    FS: Robin Mair Quad glass FCS fins

    I'll take them.
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    Most annoying thing you will see today...

    If I'm gonna have to "vamos a la playa" one more time....
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    The COIL review thread

    wow! my dims as well and the twin trailer is the best set up for that shape. Very tempted to place an order with Mike.