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    Nikki Van Dijk fan thread.

    Tia Blanco is now getting it from Kaitlyn Jenner's kid But agree, Nikki Van Dicki can get it
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    male longboarder somehow defeats women

    She is going to be the new Reef Model
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    Dating Strippers -

    If you are ugly/poor, don't ever set foot in South Florida That's why I don't live there
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    ***Official Real Estate Thread***

    Fuk that I saved most of my life, and I have a serious problem using that to even go any more than $20k over asking. The game has changed, I'll inherit my parents' home and let the animals eat each other up in this market
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    What Is Fugly In Surfing?

    Trucker hat, shirt, boardshorts… Ok we get it, you go surfing
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    The housing market here has ballooned. Even then, there are still idiots moving here with no job, no housing, no plan, thinking they can get a house + pool + tiki hut for $1000/mo, living near the beach in sunny 80-degree weather year-round
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    Von Sol Shadow: Review and Pics

    I see many of these at AquaEast and they have always intrigued me. I have been very fortunate enough to have some side cash this year for a couple of new surfboards and I'm thinking about picking this up or the flying manta
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    Tomo MPH

    I did and they are working with Firewire but its not as straight forward as getting a direct replacement immediately. I am wondering if production on this recent batch of FWs post-COVID factory shutdowns, were rushed and quality control suffered
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    Tomo MPH

    swallow or winged swallow. Anything more elaborate than that, makes me wonder: what the heck are you trying to achieve? *speaking of Firewires, my He2 is delaminating after 3 months already, with very minimal use and after being stored indoors
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    east coasters check in

    Good idea, it’s a killer day too Been a while since I’ve actually used Hannah Park as an actual recreation area instead of just a beach access. Maybe over a decade ago
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    east coasters check in

    I swear the flatness just follows me
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    east coasters check in

    I live in Melbourne but I check the Jax cams everyday and it's been better up there than it has down here in terms of ridable days. The winds here have been erratic, and winds with south-component pick up earlier and stronger. I'll be in Jax this weekend so maybe I can get lucky
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    east coasters check in

    It has absolutely sucked here in FL Terrible Spring so far
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    Chris Rock vs Will Smith

    They've grown as much as Axel has
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    Chris Rock vs Will Smith

    Has to be staged. Everyone is talking about what happened last night at the Academy Awards, after a decade of indifference and silence