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    2020 wish list

    Finally found some info on the Pyzalien 2. Sounds very good.
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    What size board needed for Mavericks on regular day?

    Kealii Mamala?
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    Xanadu Xank - review - wow

    Jeepers, I'd have to go 6'4 stock dims to float me.
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    Noel Salsa Mr. Cali Twin

    I'm curious about the board, but I only got to 00:23 before the music made me sick. And Mr Salad still surfs like a robot.
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    Vegan influencer comes clean

    Is that a euphemism for something dirty?
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    Most User Friendly HPSP?

    Pyzalien? Easy to surf, huge range.
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    “High performance” midlength?

    Lost Smooth Operator looks good, and it'd be easy to find off the rack.
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    What Boards You Got On Order?

    Groveler, get a 9ft gun and just retire. Set for life.
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    Slater 24/7

    "He has surprisingly well developed narcissism and ego, just pathetically thin skin." fify
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    What Boards You Got On Order?

    Pics! (I hate you :-) )
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    2020 wish list

    Peace, health, happiness Swell for fuxake! 9'0 Webster Desert Storm
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    80's Board shapers in SoCal

    What are the bottom contours, please? Would love to get my hands on one.
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    SITD Up

    PA, yes? Looked familiar.
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    Pyzel Ghost?

    Stringerless step up? You're a brave man. (Or I'm clueless re XTR:rolleyes:)
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    *** Official Vans World Cup of Surfing thread ***

    Most dominant display I've ever seen. Jack is from a different planet.