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    *** The Official 2022 What Are You Listening To Thread ***

    Pay attention dude - Josh posted that song yesterday
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    Ron DeSantis Is A Savage!!!!

    Plenty of white trash on the streets of san diego that should be sent to Ron's house - I like this idea. Gary, pack your sh!t up, you're headed to Floriduh ... closer to your boy Cheeto.
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    Florence Marine Sale

    Florence Marine X is a name that is pretty awful - worse than Hurley and RVCA... thought both of those were terrible names... but they got the last laugh. Speaking of laughs, how is Conan doing these days? Dos Juans and Bob live in a very different world than myself - guessing they will be...
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    Who Here Has Had COVID?

    Remember specifically - Wildcard NFL playoffs January 4th, 2020, had a light, persistent cough that my neighbor commented on as we watched football. The next day I had chills, fever, fatigue... the whole enchilada. Month of January was a loss. No tests available, but I had it. Was dumb and tried...
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    Different strains....

    What's the story with cbd herb with no thc? I tried a cbd drink with 30 mg of cbd with a meal last week and didn't feel anything. Probably should have gone empty stomach to really pass judgement.
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    Different strains....

    I'm trying to decipher this and will just accept that you're operating on a different plane of consciousness. Kinda like a Phish show I saw at Shoreline back in Fall of '99 (Phil Lesh and Warren Haynes guested), but I digress - After the show, this Wookie in a fur coat walks up to us in the...
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    PC Gaming … anyone here a gamer?

    You make lots of assumptions Small Fry. You have zero clue who I am - hell, you thought I was that kook from San Clemente who spits on moms. Keep telling yourself how bitchin you are - I just see an astronomical post count which proves you don't have as rad a life as you think you do. In...
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    PC Gaming … anyone here a gamer?

    Says the guy who spends every waking hour on this website - How's that post count of yours Small Fry? :roflmao::nana: