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    The Great Unbiased Wetsuit Review Thread

    Sorry to see…How did you hurt yourself?
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    Endtimes for the Surfboard Industry?

    Grandpas from jamboards,lol
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    The Great Unbiased Wetsuit Review Thread

    need me some new booties, anything better than Vans? any company make booties with Yamamoto?
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    At what point is it ok to pee in your wetsuit

    Anytime is a good time after you put on your wettie- I’ve done it in the lot, before I bike down, you name it. Being pre-diabetic, I pee a lot and often. What I hate most is when I start and the set of the day comes, and you have to stop to get in position for the wave.
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    *** Official 2023 Community Surf Journal ***

    Stoke to get a session in before the heavy rains arrived. First hour was clean, oily glass chest to hh sets - the waves blended into the grey skies. Waves were peaky and surprised shape held up despite - low tide. Water got cold and glad to be in a 4:3. First wave was the best one - fastest...
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    *** Official 2023 Community Surf Journal ***

    Beautiful afternoon at the local. Maiden Voyage on a new to me Stamps Banjo long fish. Water temp dropped a bit, but conditions was sheet glass the entire session. Started with inconsistent waist to chest high for first hour. Then a long lull of like 45 mins but I knew fresh wnw swell would...
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    Kai lenny and backwards quads.

    a erbb'er sold me his board a few years ago, unknowingly, with quad rears in front boxes. it didn't work for him i guess:shrug:
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    *** Official 2023 Community Surf Journal ***

    Beautiful afternoon at the local reef - 6” Hawaiian (so it’s about waist to chest high for us Californians. A bit inconsistent but lines up beautifully when they come. Caught a handful of nice cruisy glassy lefts and called it. Get it when you can cuz there’s not much out there in the forecast
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    Tim Stamps - Shaper of the Year

    I gots a long fish - banjo style - I may put on ze market. S. OC.
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    ***The Official Pet Peeve Thread***

    Cars stopping at the red light with too much space in front of them - preventing you from getting into the left turn lane. Loud gym bros that let go of their weight machine - causing excruciating loud bang
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    *** Official 2023 Community Surf Journal ***

    Afternoon perfection(close to) at local reef. Looong lefts and rights shoulder + . Glassy and very manageable crowds. Last wave was a right that kept going but after kicking out there was a small wave right behind it - board clocked my head at the hairline upon coming up. Small bruised and...
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    *** Official 2023 Community Surf Journal ***

    The one on the right
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    *** Official 2023 Community Surf Journal ***

    Peaky hh a frames at the local. Pretty powerful beachies - backed off on a few - too old to take risks especially on a new board. Rode the Corey Graham quad channelled twin - supa dupa fast. Kinda digging it.
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    Shark Attack - Marin County

    Just a pure guess but I think smaller boards or boogie boards means more paddling/splashing - which equates to an injured seal in the sharks eyes.
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    The Great Unbiased Wetsuit Review Thread

    Got a 2mm and 4:3 isurus full. Zipless and CZ. Had to have both cinch cord repaired. No flushing, warm, good fit. The 4:3 Evade is a bit constricting around the neck and the 2mm area around the butt does some weird peeling which I’ve never seen before in any wetsuit