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    September of 2022: What's your favorite board right now?

    My Hp panda shiitake
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    Craig on the Bobby Quad

    Unless it’s at Yuri’s homebreak which Craig would struggle due to his big belly and low volume boards
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    Craig on the Bobby Quad

    Would love to see a Craig vs. Yuri surf off
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    Noel Salad/Duke Aipa Dark Twinn review

    Curious, What was reason for Salas’ hip replacement?
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    panda shiitake HP

    They are actually pretty fun for the average middle age bro. Got a 6.4 and a 6.8 Shiitake I really like. Can be surf at longer lengths…Easy paddler, forgiving and easy to surf. HP enough for this old man. Works in peaky beach breaks or reefs…versatile May get a 6.6 in the future
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    Quiver Shots - Post 'em up!

    My old ones from a few years back. Do miss them from time to time
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    Best Sunblock 2021

    Been using Thinkbaby (non-chemical) sunblock for face, neck, ears but doesn't stay on the lips for very long. What's your favorite non-chemical lip sunblock for 2022. ?
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    Pyzel Ghost?

    What are your dims buyer and seller? …trying to get sizing ideas
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    WTB McNeill RTT 6'2"

    List it up, I might be interested as well
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    How many sessions do you give a new board

    Had a board on the market after 2 sesh and thought of putting another on the chopping block after 1 sesh. After a run of good swell and lots of time to surf…. I love all my boards now. Those 2 in particular maybe my favorite ones now….the first one just glides like no other and the 2nd one...
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    Greg Griffin RIP

    Never know when it’s your time to go. Sad to see GG go unexpectedly like this. Had spoken to him over the phone on a few occasions- when his Modfish was the talk of the erbb. Got a legit barrel on my first session on one of his thruster shapes with his famous hand foiled fins. RIP GG.
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    ***Official 2022 Community Surf Journal***

    Same spot as yesterday, which was a bit more powerful and textured. Today was all-time for this spot. A bit less consistent but cleaner . Lots of peaky left and got a surprise long right that was nice. Saw a 6’ shark breached next to a guy on the outside - kept my toes up for the rest of...
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    ***Official 2022 Community Surf Journal***

    4 days in a row at 3 different spots . Got acquainted with my 2 new twinzers. What a beautiful day today, to use an old 80’s word to describe the waves - it is “cranking” brah. looking forward to the peak of the swell tomorrow
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    Sent you a text
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    WTB: Ocean Racer, Ghostbuster, Bar of Soap

    Got a 5.6 Furrow Arc Tail quad mini-sims (Mandala's wife). x 20.5 x 2.5 nicely foiled like Mani's boards - that I might consider letting go. Lmk if you're interested, can shoot you some pics and the deets.