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    Mammoth? 2021

    Almost got in a head on through that stretch. We were driving back, cruise control set, just cruising along when a SUV coming the opposite direction tried to pass a semi on a double yellow almost directly in front of me. Slammed on my brakes locking them up and he swerved into the dirt (thank...
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    The Great Unbiased Wetsuit Review Thread

    Does the 4 mil feel more restrictive than a standard 4/3? I get cold easy and was thinking of trying out one of those but was worried it would feel more like a 5/4 than a 4/3 and I'm worried a 3m would be too cold.
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    The Great Unbiased Wetsuit Review Thread

    how's the vissla "ridiculous rubber". Hate the name but seems like a similar concept to the hyperfreak with "pre-stretched" rubber? I think it's only on the high seas.
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    Black Friday Deals

    if it was a 4/3 i'd be all over that.
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    Black Friday Deals

    excludes wetsuits. that's annoying. Looks like no real deals on surf hardgoods this year except buell and a lot of their stuff is out of stock, probably due to supply chain shortages
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    The Great Unbiased Wetsuit Review Thread

    sizing on oneill's? Looking at a hyperfreak but am in between a med and small tall. I typically wear medium in Xcel, Need, 7till8, etc but am wondering if oneill's run a little large?
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    Black Friday Deals

    I got this code in my email BFWD5LQDNH
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    Black Friday Deals

    Specifically looking for wetsuits but anyone seen deals anywhere for black friday on surf? I've been coming up empty.
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    Footage of coffin on a JS

    I've had the same experience and I have 3 in pu. The hyfi's dent more than the pu but still durable. My pu's were the lightest, single layers each side with team patch although they may have a lighter option now. But I was super surprised by the SITDs which all had issues with js.
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    Tired of faulty rubbers... (The OFFICIAL why new wetsuits generally blow THREAD)

    I've had very good luck with Needs, especially the newer models. They are a little stiffer than a lot of newer suits on the market but feel much more durable. I've had one of the high end 4/3s for a while with the external liquid tape and used it all last season and it's still as warm as it...
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    Kelly Slated for the next Electric Acid Surfboard Test

    Will be waiting for one of you to link the private youtube for EAST. Thank you in advance.
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    Graham Smith candid WSL comments and will they be around next year??

    Funny enough I've started watching a lot more tennis and the commentators routinely say when the judges got it wrong, question wtf the players are doing, critique and criticize, etc. In contrast the WSL commentators never say anything that could even be considered the least bit controversial...
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    Graham Smith candid WSL comments and will they be around next year??

    I've basically stopped watching in large part due to the unbearable commentary/wall of positive noise. If they dropped it and had commentary more like the stab100 I'd pay a yearly amount to watch the tour for a year. Agreed, it would be a sustainable model but no one would get rich. But the...
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    My pop up has gone to sh!t!!!!

    I've found that this is an issue with flexibility as well. Tight hips from sitting all day, etc. Its extremely noticeable for me when I haven't been stretching routinely and the waves are shitty. It doesn't matter when there's decent waves but when it's shitty its everything.
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    SITD Taj Burrow

    Did they mention the Mark Price thing in SITD? I'm waiting till all 4 epidsodes are out and then will pay for a month to watch it. I agree the subscription model will fail. They promoted it like there would be tons of really good exclusive content and i did the free first month and it was all...