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    Semi-famous Surfer Real Estate Thread

    I just found out my friend and fellow kite surfer who lives just up the road from it is the listing agent for the Naish estate. How I'd love to have that property. Robbie's new house is next door to my other buddy. It's nice but modest and on a non-descript lot mauka of the highway. Divorce is a...
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    Being part of the cabal quietly running the country isn't enough. US Oligarch purchases and privatizes another 600 acres of land on Kauai.

    Actually, I just learned they didn't. They performed the burial ceremony for him that they did for royalty but his crew misunderstood what they were seeing and mad
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    Who Called It? Coffey related

    Yikes! The cut of that bikini bottom exaggerates the gunt on any girl without a great figure. I'm seeing a lot of this kind of thing lately. Makers of swimsuit bottoms and women's pants/shorts in general have forgotten how to compliment a woman's shape.
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    How Not to Park Your Boat

    In some places is "ski boat" a term for any small motor boat, like how people in western states call sneakers "tennis shoes"? I ask because that's clearly 2 engines on a twin hull. It's a little fishing boat that no one would ever water ski behind.
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    CA Beach to be Returned to family it was Stolen from

    I know that park. I got a parking ticket next to it for not having my front tires turned toward the curb. Nice modern car in 1st gear with parking brake set. No way was it gonna roll anywhere. Never paid the ticket.
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    Is surfing as dangerous as ocean swimming?

    Baby Beach in Maui's Sprecklesville is popular for that. It's like a water treadmill.
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    A 101.4-foot Wave Has Been Ridden!

    Why do we never see footage from closer to water level? Seems like there'd be a spot at the top of the beach, base of the cliff where you could see over the white water.
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    Can we make it a law that Stephanie Gilmore is the only person that wears a white wetsuit.

    I just showed it to my GF, expecting the same answer. Without hesitation she said, "Steph Gilmore?" I was floored.
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    Can we make it a law that Stephanie Gilmore is the only person that wears a white wetsuit.

    While "manly" might be overly catty (take a moment to imagine a cat fight between your wife and Steph) her face isn't beautiful, just kind of normal.
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    Hawaii- Done

    That's a prediction, but I'd guess more than a 50% chance it's true. We don't know yet how long immunity lasts or how well the vaccine will protect against future strains.
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    Is Kanoa Igarishi the most uninspiring surfer in WSL history?

    Yeah, that's a new one to me. I can't wait to use it on my %100 Pake (but many generations Hawaiian) neighbor who passes for Polynesian.
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    Electric bikes now everywhere. (stimulus check related)

    Hopefully it's for any bike. I'm dumping like $5k into a pretty fancy DH bike this year.
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    Electric bikes now everywhere. (stimulus check related)

    Could it have been operating purely under human power because when he cut a lock and stole it that doesn't get you a charger?
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    Can we talk about Instagram hos / OnlyFans?

    That's a very believable rumor. After reading that article it sounds like so many women do it I'm now suspicious every time my girlfriend leaves the house.
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    Can we talk about Instagram hos / OnlyFans?

    It started with seeing the term "Dubai Porta Potty" and being curious if it's what I suspected, so I started Googling. Then I learned what's actually going on with those Instagram girls who are always posing in expensive settings but never with other people in frame. Make sure you follow the...