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    Wittiest Post Nominee Thread '22

    Idk about saying bother was witty... Definitely insane, crazy, mental...
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    The Random Photo Thread

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    Omnicon is just a common cold…

    There are restaurants choosing to close & events being canceled due to omicron/common cold People are very afraid.... Our leaders have done their job
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    A covd CHristmas rant....

    There's been a lot of good football lately I could watch it all day
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    The Random Photo Thread

    You shouldve seen some nice logs ive dropped in my day
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    Have we forgotten how to pressurize water and deliver it as needed?

    Yeah those asshole bikers are impossible to see, they pop out of nowhere
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    CA orders mask mandate

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    Gasoline Gasoline!!!!!

    All we're hearing about is a overloaded powergrid I would imagine the mensa's at SCE and PG&E are gearing up for the future demand.... :rolleyes:
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    CA orders mask mandate

    Required statewide, wear your mask to flatten the curve
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    Go to Los Angeles and you will die…

    Jussie Smollett?
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    The Beatles - Get Back

    John's net worth at the time he died was $200mil