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    5mm Xcel Wetsuit Infinity Large

    5mm XCEL size large, great condition. 2 yr. old. 150/ o B/O.
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    Channel Island DFR

    300 or b/o. Board is in NJ.
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    Channel Island DFR

    Board is near mint condition. Bright white. Offers?
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    Channel Island DFR

    Custom DFR. 6.4 x 19.5 x 2.5. Board is in NJ.
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    Foiled glass Merrick template.Thruster set- Mint. 85 or b/o K3 glass flex thruster set 25 or b/o PC 5 thruster set, excellent condition 40 or b/o Wanted for trades or to buy- Surfinz thruster set or FCS II set
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    XCEL 5/4/3 large + boots

    Used XCEL X2 zip, size large, in good shape. New split toe 5mm booties, size 10, used once and rinsed. Smell new. $150 for both or B/0 [/IMG]
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    5'1 x 20 1/2 x 2 1/4 EPS Minami

    Glenn is the best.
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    Hoyte Thruster 6.2

    Custom thruster by Russell Hoyte. 6.2 x 19.25 x 2.5 Very good condition with some pressure dents. Board is in NJ. [/IMG]
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    The Best Design of All-Time: 6'1" CI Merrick Flyer F (A Review)

    I thought the Fred rubble was a flyer.
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    shaped me a perfect thruster last summer. One of the best I have ever had.