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    Looting - What's the Answer?

    they see trump celebrated for being a criminal and they figure what the fuck
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    Biden Polling Disaster

    trump says the other republicans are wasting their time having debates :roflmao: great guy
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    Surfboard: from love to hate.

    maybe the waves. take it to Maccas and you'll think it's the best boar ever
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    has journalism always been as shitty as it is today?

    The military is better, more inclusive The Police are better Journalism is better Politicians are called out and held to a higher standard Elementary school education seems worse The natural environment is degrading at a rapid pace Journalism looks worse because a fairly size able portion of...
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    Can we talk about the border?

    that's what she said
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    Taylor Swift to the Swifties: REGISTER TO VOTE!!

    Now the woke mob turns on that singer chick and that football player dude
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    Can we talk about the border?

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    Hell's Angels.....Done?

    I can't even type _ _, due, in part, to _ _.
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    is thiis evidence against vp joe...

    Does this make trump less guilty?
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    Political Meme Thread II

    nailed it
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    Political Meme Thread II

    The trump sculpture looks to be where, shex? Where would you guess?
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    Can we talk about the border?

    As long as we operate in good faith, in reality, with love and respect. My forefathers were slandered and demonized, and it would be unconscionable to do that same thing to our southern neighbors.
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    Can we talk about the border?,can%20lead%20to%20less%20migration. my people, poor and disenfranchised, made the arduous trip from Ireland. Thanks to God, who was by their side
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    Brandon/Biden's L's

    Try Peter Navarro