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    Why is Ben Shapiro afraid of Wet Ass Pussy?

    He also seems like the type that would have a basement dungeon, dirt floor and all.
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    Wait until Sturgis hits.
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    Political Meme Thread

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    Why is Ben Shapiro afraid of Wet Ass Pussy?

    Speaking of denial, does Ben Shapiro still think a wet pussy is a medical condition that needs immediate treatment (i.e., Karl Hungus)?
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    What exactly is Donald Trump’s platform in 2020?

    I assume you mean digging a deeper hole to get out.
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    Why is Ben Shapiro afraid of Wet Ass Pussy?

    How are they ever going to put Humpty Dumpty back together when they have trouble getting the wall up in the first place? Actually, come to think of it, this is pretty symbolic of this election (horses/donkeys/whatever):
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    *** Official 2020 Community Surf Journal ***

    Ha. The surf-related day gets better. Noticed a small hole and soft part under the rail. No biggie, cut off foam, sand it all down so can repair tomorrow and what do I see but glass starting to break apart again from stringer to rail right adjacent to where a buckle was previously repaired...
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    Happy 100th Birthday to our National Parks

    Awesome trip!
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    Can we talk about Sturgis?

    Nice. Her right nipple pastie makes George Washington look like Hannibal Lecter and... is that Hillary Clinton next to him? Hopefully that tape isn't too sticky - would be a shame to have a welt on Trump's left cheek.
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    *** Official 2020 Community Surf Journal ***

    Seriously, right?! Even though it was thigh high or something, it was actually better last week since the waves came in, gradually grew and then broke. None of this wobbly, backing off, indecisive crumble. Not a breathe of wind either.
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    *** Official 2020 Community Surf Journal ***

    Oh man what a frustrating sesh. The ground fog with evil little Mars poking its head above it was an evil omen. Waves should have been better than what they were. Shoulder high I guess. There were corners but the waves backed off so badly, the corners pretty much disappeared. Lumpy and...
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    *** Official "Dumb things tRump says" thread ***

    Oh we all know he's got at least a couple toes dipping into the grave. Foregone conclusion. Kamala as President? Hell, I called that several years ago and pretty much on the verge. That's not an endorsement however. The Biden-Harris ticket is about not being Trump. Pretty much just try to...
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    *** Official "Dumb things tRump says" thread ***

    He has an organ that provides him the ability to be dumb. Those are mighty qualifications. I'd love to see that in court where that's used as a defense. "At least he had a brain to do those crimes!"
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    President Harris

    Collateral damage to let Hillary know it still isn't her turn?