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    Post your Foil Pics HERE

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    Code Red Ka'anapali w/Clay Marzo (video)

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    Perhaps The Best Ma'alaea Footage Ever...

    There's only a couple serious dedicated water surf photogs on Maui, the @1more808 guy and @fishbowldiaries. 1.The current when it gets bigger than 4ft and consistent is an issue when trying to keep your position in the ideal spot. 2.It's very shallow where you need to be to get a tight barrel...
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    Complete Foil Setup Giveaway

    Over $35k worth of goodies being given away, worth a shot. :shaka:
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    Lake Mead water ... What will California do when it's gone??

    We had to do this on Maui most of the year. We were on water catchment and spring/summer it would hardly rain, and we lived on the "wet side" of Maui. Our last 3 years, we ran out of water each dry season. It sucked, you couldn't have any plants, not flushing all day, could't do laundry...
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    lulu wins cosmic creek.

    :roflmao: cold? you've never been obviously.:roflmao: was 80 here yesterday and sunny, gonna be the same today. anywhoo, i'm tooo old to keyboard battle with you anymore. have a nice day Edwin. :dancing: blee out!:toilet:
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    lulu wins cosmic creek.

    Is she on the erBB? Who are you talking to? Off the meds again? :roflmao: :waving: :dancing:
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    Wetsuit selection help needed, no local shops to try before I buy.

    Ahh, no. water temps about 52 these days. I've packed on some extra fat with all the good food and drink, but not enough to keep me warmer for long.
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    Wetsuit selection help needed, no local shops to try before I buy.

    :roflmao: :roflmao: :roflmao: Is YOUR body the same as it was 10+ years ago? Well .. doubt mine is. But my Patagucci is an LT and fits fine so that's good i guess.
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    Wetsuit selection help needed, no local shops to try before I buy.

    Hellö erBBers! Like the title says, not only can't I try on before I buy due to my remote location, but I have very little wetsuit experience over the past 11 yrs. I bought a Patagonia R5 for the winter here in Maine, but it's warming up and I'm beginning to cook. Pre-Hawai'i my "go to"...
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    Impact vests

    The erBB has come a loooooong way. I remember spamming the main discussion forum a few years ago with my foil posts with nobody giving 2f's about foiling and the mods made a foil section to get me outa there. Now look at you guys, so cute with these posts, warms my heart...
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    Wingfoiling In The Cold, wetsuit advice????

    Update... Ok so I've been out a few times here in Main, water temps low 40's and here's what I've learned... 5mm wetsuit keeps you wicked warm (yea trying out my Maine'r pigin) Thick booties are a plus, but may be able to go thinner ( have 5mm now) 5mm gloves not necessary, I switched down to...
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    The Skaters of the ERBB

    Does this count?
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    East Coast Swell Forecasting?

    Central Coast Maine