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    *** Official Fin Thread ***

    Quad fin question for the folks on here with quad step ups/guns: I live on North Shore and run stretch FU#2 in all of my guns (3 padillacs - 7'6, 8'0, 9'0). I've tried the EA quads, Pyzel padillac fins, and futures paddle guns. The stretches are money in all conditions. I'm having trouble...
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    Hawaii- Done

    I have a 7’0 4x and absolutely love it. That said my suggestion is to contact Wade and have him shape you board. For a world class shaper he is still very down to earth and accessible to mortals. Everything was done on time and perfect.
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    Footage from yesterday

    Just bought wing and did first session on non-foil SUP yesterday. What size are the boards you’re riding in video? Hoping to do similar runs here this summer on NS Oahu.
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    Blown Eardrum. Experiences?

    Hi - had similar experience. Face plant on late drop (only head high wave) and my head was spinning underwater immediately. Based on friends' stories, I had pretty good idea what happened and avoided immediate panic. It definitely helped that I could stand on reef while getting reoriented...
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    Lost Retro Gun info/feedback

    Thanks for feedback. For context, board mostly will be used for medium size days at various spots between lanis and waimea plus certain east- and westside breaks. Also some known but low-key deeper water breaks. Extra volume almost always ok. Domesticated surfer not taking off under the lip...
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    Lost Retro Gun info/feedback

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    Lost Retro Gun info/feedback

    Hi - looking at ordering a 7'0 in stock dimensions for North Shore surf. Anyone have experience with this model? Suggestions?
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    Pyzel Shadow XL

    Saw description on Pyzel website. Anyone look or try yet? From the Pyzel team, any more info to add? Not in great position to buy now but can always look forward...
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    Has anyone tried the Taylor Knox fins?