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    Best Florida Surf Town

    Thanks for all the info Sharkbiscuit - I went to college in Daytona (a looongg time ago), nice to get updated on the surf down there. I loved surfing down there, waves weren't the best but was a fun place to be a broke ass college kid
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    Three time loser Jim Jordan

    About time to start screaming the vote was rigged!
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    It ain’t easy being cheesy!

    No jail time for a felony, sounds like a good deal.
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    Trump Fraud

    Trump took the Appraiser’s figures and inflated them , BIGLY! A big part of why the Fraud accusation was found to be true by the Judge.
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    ***2023 Hurricane Season Thread***

    Yeah it’s been nice. I even caught north end REALLY fun at end of August - usually don’t mess with VB at all , but that day was incredibly enjoyable, long waves too
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    Georgia, on my mind…

    Hearing reports that the Press Conference with the big beautiful complicated report fully exonerating Trump may be canceled on the advice of his legal team, Damn! We’ll never get to see the evidence he’s been sitting on for 2 1/2 years !
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    Georgia, on my mind…

    You’d think after the 4th indictment he would be able to get it right wait….is this big reveal going to be like the “beautiful health care plan”? Why did he wait 2 1/2 years to provide the PROOF the election was stolen?
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    ***Official Jack Smith Thread***

    Jack Smith and the rest of the DOJ attorneys should have attended erBB Law School
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    ***Official Jack Smith Thread***

    Eastman has acknowledged he is Co- conspirator #2
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    Alcoholism and Recovery Thread

    Great to hear so many have found sobriety . Congratulations to all on the path I’ve been sober since the end of 1990, over half my life now. Sobriety has improved my life and allowed me to do many things I probably never would have been able to do if I was still drinking and using. AA was the...
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    ***The Official Mid-Length Thread***

    I had a Big Baron , really fun shape , super flimsy, I dinged it every time I took it out so I sold before I destroyed it ( clear Thai JS)
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    Indictment? (...or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love "Any Day Now")

    Too funny , she immediately fell over !
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    I agree - huge difference between unracking and walking it out and unracking and have the hooks moved. Still remember pictures of Ed Coan’s tibia folding in half walking out a heavy squat . Friggin brutal image
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    Damn ! he walked that weight out 7 or 8 steps ! The whip on that bar too! BIG MAN
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    Will he be offering these in big ass flags to adorn the back of pickup trucks so the Alpha Inbreds can fly one next to the Fuck Joe Biden flags ?