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    Sharks and foilers

    I massively dulled down my kujira wingtips and detuned the trailing edge - no increase in sound that I can hear. So sand away with it. Interestingly, about a month ago, I hit a seal swimming along underwater while riding a wave - I saw it swim in front of me and then I went flying as if I hit...
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    Anyone tried a P180??

    anyone know anything about the PNL185? Is that the the NL version of the P180? really curious to hear your review of the P180. I'm keeping an eye out for a used one just to try it - there is a guy local to me who goes out in the surf on one and pumps around like crazy.
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    I'm SUPfoiling and prone foiling all around SF bay area. I think you're going to be disappointed - we don't have anywhere around that breaks like Maui or Oahu - an outer reef and swell that breaks way out there on the reef and backs off. We've got plenty of beach break with decent shape and...
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    Boat Nerds: American's Cup new AC75

    I can't find the information to link to, but I think you guys are wrong about "nobody is grinding". I'm pretty sure there are 8 grinders on each boat and they are grinding constantly into a hydraulic accumulator (pressure vessel that builds up hydraulic pressure). And then everything above the...
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    Best foil for you.

    I found that kelp nightmares can actually be fun. I had a very memorable session weaving through kelp while trying to stay in the wave. It certainly mixes things up.
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    Foil Session Logs

    that was all on an M200? Nice! The GL is going to blow your mind in comparison once you get over the first few rides to make the adjustments.
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    Hand Kite Foiling

    the GL210 requires a bit more speed or pumping to get out of the water versus the M200 - but I found that once up and foiling it is easier to stay on foil, much better for pumping, and of course has a much higher top end speedwise.
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    Fire Sale Go Foil

    I'd take the IWA if you want to message me on insta jondrumsurf
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    Refuckulation thread.

    I'm pretty the flow will be a complete turbulent ball around the fuselage and therefore, the drag will be much more related to wetted area than related to streamlining. That's a technical explanation for my suggestion to just use Clammy's drill/helicoil and bolt on method, rather than trying to...
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    Foil Session Logs

    You're riding really low in the water. It seems like at times you're barely hanging on to the wave, and I'm thinking that if you had less mast in the water you'd not be having any trouble at all. Same goes for pumping by the way, the secret to conserving energy is staying as high in the water...
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    go foil 18 w

    which front wing are you pairing it with? A lot of people have moved over to the 14.5" wide tail which has winglets, and also the short pedestal to shorten the distance between front and back wings.
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    Foil Froth Fever

    you're going to start modifying it before you even ride it?
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    Refuckulation thread.

    I found the GL140 rides very loose directionally with the flat gofoil tail. A lot of people say they like it with the KAI tail, and others like the new gofoil tail with turned up tips. I haven't got to try it any other way yet.
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    Refuckulation thread.

    seems like you really need a GL140, I think it is basically exactly what you were going for on your chopped 210. I don't have a 180 which is the same wingspan as the 210, but I don't think I need it with the 140 and 210 combo. 140 fits into waves so much better and has surprisingly good lift...