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    This is just crazy talk XXXL related

    I just cannot fathom the beating that would follow a misstep on a wave of that caliber.
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    Critical Race Theory

    I think it would good for Americans to ask themselves why "Critical Race Theory" has been vertically integrated into most of our institutions and corporations...yet at the same time the mainstream arts (that are owned by the same corporations) glorify minority criminality?? They're completely...
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    San Diego looking Teahupo’o

    That place is soooo far from perfect and when you fall on a day like that you have to go all the way around to make it back out while watching empty bombs explode. There's also a nice big hole in the reef that you get flushed into if you fall on the takeoff. Don't forget the second bowl that...
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    Nazare Accident

    I disagree Go to 4:01. Like all canyon beachbreaks, you have a variety of wave shapes that shift based on tide and refraction.
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    Nazare Accident

    It's not though. It's legitimately not a shitty wave. Guys get barreled out there from 2-70 foot. What other places on the planet have that barrel potential? Jaws isn't a perfect barrel everytime. Pinches on a lot of them. So does Mavs. Cortez doesn't barrel very much. Alex Botelho(think...
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    Nazare Accident

    So does Koa, JOB, Eli, and other Northshore surfers qualify as "fame hungry VLOG clowns" for exploiting Pipe? I always thought Pipe was a real spot. Or does this only count for people that surf Nazare? Is Nic Von Rupp a "VLOG clown?"
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    Nazare Accident

    A lot of the people I've known have said Nazare is mushy, will under the same breath say Blacks is heavy. Nazare is essentially an oversized version of Blacks which makes them sound clueless. RCJ almost died out there on a medium day. A lot of close calls during the BWWT events held there by...
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    Taj Burrow(s) headlines Freedom Rally

    I'm anti-establishment except for when I'm pro establishment because it's "science" brah.
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    Taj Burrow(s) headlines Freedom Rally

    Let's watch how fast the surfing community will turn on its heroes when they speak out against their religion.
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    *** Official Corona Virus Thread ***

    I was there. It'll come back. It takes like 2 months.
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    I got it. I watched it before I even heard any critical acclaim and thought it was one of the best movies I've seen in years. I started telling everyone about it and they were like "yeah I know man."
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    3 kooks from Riverside

    Fighting over Oceanside peaks is like fighting over a 5/10 side girl. It just doesn't compute.
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    best place learn tuberiding?

    The Wedge is a good spot under 6 feet. You can literally catch a 1 footer into a stand up barrel on the sider.
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    El Pollo Crazy...Salsa Roja!

    I absolutely detest that watery garbage.
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    El Pollo Crazy...Salsa Roja!

    No. I live in Florida. Trying to convincen my buddies to move out here so we can surf together still. If real estate goes down I might move to Central Cal down the road.