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    Astro Deck pads

    Sweet, I keep saying I'm going to get one of those Archy pads for a while now. I usually rock the Gudauskas on my boards now, I do have a couple of the Octopus grip too.
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    Missing kite surfer found by phone call

    Oh, they are so cute when their little.
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    Stretch Buzzsaw V2 !!

    1/2" for me, but my boards are battle ships.
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    stretch boards support and board pron thread

    What bout the buzz gun did you like better?
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    Is this normal?

    Sorry to hear, that's infuriating. I've always been curious about his boards, but I'll never give them a thought now.
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    stretch boards support and board pron thread

    Thanks Aruka !
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    stretch boards support and board pron thread

    Thing V2, thoughts, ride reviews?
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    stretch boards support and board pron thread

    I think when you stretch out a superbuzz, you kinda end up with a 2x4? They are both rad boards for sure, I've had both, but if your looking for a board with more of an upper range, go buzzsaw.
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    stretch boards support and board pron thread

    Anyone here riding a "Lil buddy?" I'm kinda looking at this model and wondered if anyone had any thoughts or experiences with it, compared to a 2x4 or a Thing V2?
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    Length &/or Volume --> Getting old...

    Thanks for the tip, I just ordered one.
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    Length &/or Volume --> Getting old...

    Yeah there is no way foam rolling is going to manipulate soft tissue like a good deep tissue massage. Foam rolling and SMR is still worth doing, along with a good stretching (static stretches) routine, for myself it's kind of like a holistic anti-inflammatory.
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    Playa Nenao Panama

    Hey guys, Anyone here ever been to Playa Venao Panama? Were considering a month long vacation there this summer, so I figured I'd ask here to see if anyone had any recommendations.
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    Length &/or Volume --> Getting old...

    Cris Mills has a really good article on "pop-ups," basically a pretty involved active warm-up, followed by series push-up to pop-ups.
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    Large fins vs. Medium fins for medium sized surfers...@ 130lbs Lakey rides size L, Filipe "always" rides size L @ 155lbs

    I've tried those fins in just about every condition, on a few different boards, and never could get them to work. In mushier waves, they didn't have any drive, and in good surf I never felt locked in, I much prefer the "Matt Archbolds."
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    *** Official Fin Thread ***

    Is it just me or do most of futures's fins all seem to be very similar in shape?