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    The Random Photo Thread

    I think it’s an A7V tank from World War l (I spent 3 years as a youth with my playground along the Maginot Line In the early 1950s). Could be wrong at my age due to memory however...
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    Clown World Never Stops!

    After A few years of intelligence officer assignments I received orders to command an intelligence unit at Fort Bragg. Upon my introduction to the battalion commanding officer, I was instructed to take custody of one of the lieutenants who was arrested by the Fayetteville PD. Apparently, the...
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    Clown World Never Stops!

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    Political Meme Thread

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    According to Alan Dershowitz, Obama directed the DOJ/FBI to investigate a US citizen on behalf of George Soros. He has the 302's that prove it.

    A ‘302’ is an FBI form agent’s fill out after a crime related interview or, during various phases of an investigation. No opinions, no conclusions by the special agent who writes his 302. Simply a recounting of what was said or observed and, available to other agents with a need to know on the...
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    Bloomberg.....I like the cut of this guy’s jib.

    I came back from a business trip to Venezuela in the 1980s to find my 11-12 year old daughter in two full arm casts, bent at the elbows and a little at the wrists. Seems she was hanging upside down from the playground bars by her legs. She thought she could swing just enough to drop to her...
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    Fort Ord Campground

    Did basic training at Fort Ord in early 1966. I can’t begin to imagine how much ordinance was sent into the dunes from the hundreds of thousands of draftees and volunteer GIs who went through Ord during WWII, Korea, VN, etc. Prime property if the lead and ordinance can be properly removed.
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    Relocating to San Diego - What neighborhoods should I be looking at?

    If you can do it ($), North of 8 and West of 5. Expect a decent return on your property investment when the LA type traffic and drivers lead you to near insanity!
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    Cuboid stress fracture?? (foot/ankle)

    Voltaren gel is your friend. $10 - 15 in Mexican & CaNadian pharmacies no prescription Required. +$40 US pharmacy plus prescription required. Soft tissue damage magic. PM me if you’re in San D’go
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    Can we move the foil forum to the bottom

    can we delete the foil forum? If not, how does one go about removing it from the rest of the forums?
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    Gary Gregg RIP

    RIP Bloomies, sorry to read the news.
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    Robert Conrad Done

    Cat never turned away from a fight until he reached his 70s... bad mo fo when off screen