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    Puerto Penasco Mexico

    Buddy and I rode our bikes from San Diego to Gila Bend, AZ and then crossed into Mexico and down to Puerto Penasco two years ago. Fishing village/community. A few nice hotels and restaurants. The tourism crowd drives South from Tucson/Phoenix to Penasco. I remember highway signs along the road...
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    Sprinter Van Owners

    I had the Southern Cone (South America) as one of my regions before I retired. I sadly waited to long to make the move to ride my BMW 1200GSA on Ruta 40 from Bolivia to Ushuaia, Patagonia in Argentina. Most of the route is along the base of the Andes Mountain chain. The road is good to...
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    Sprinter Van Owners

    My neighbors went to Iceland and did this ‘adventure.’ I suspect this will be the next Sprinter we see pulling into Swami’s lot. A
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    Sprinter Van Owners

    Is it weird that there isn’t a speck of dust on this rig? I think the shocks were waxed like the rest of the ride.
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    Sprinter Van Owners

    I like...
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    Sprinter Van Owners

    We had this EXT Sprinter for about 4 years, sold it around 70,000 miles. Retired and go for milk and return 3-4,000 miles later. 16-18 mpg, fully self-contained. Retired from surfing at 65, retired from work at 67. So far, haven’t run over any whiners.
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    Trump nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

    How amazing would it be to witness tRump the morning after the elections are over when he’s told he lost?
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    Trump nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

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    BLM, Peaceful -shrug-

    The three black women from LA who started BLM are acknowledged Marxist’s. The millions of $ US corporations donate to the BLM communist agenda is mind boggling. The volume of $ that goes directly into these gals purses (rather than to help the black poor and victims) is beyond shameful. If...
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    Why is ‘bra’ singular and ‘panties’ plural?

    Expression, “your name is mud” came from Dr. Samuel Mudd who treated John Wilkes Booth’s broken leg which Booth suffered jumping from Lincoln’s theatre box seats to the stage to escape. Mudd was sentenced to life in prison but was eventually released...
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    Anybody buy a new TV recently?

    Costco if you are a member. Samsung Curve, larger sizes available.
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    So, at least Trumby supporters are marching peacefully and not attacking people....

    Protesters marching in Florida’s ritzy Sarasota and Venice communities led to widespread rioting and looting. Items taken were limited to laxatives, vitamins, hearing aid batteries, reading glasses, energy drinks, designer masks and surgical stockings. The thugs were easily caught and arrested...
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    Hey everysurfer

    ...someone else...
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    Biden nailing it today......

    When it comes to politicians, I’m an equal opportunity derider!