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    Crude Humor (NSR)

    So an old nun and a young nun are riding their bicycles down a cobblestone street. "I've never come this way before", said the young nun. "It's the cobblestones", replied the old nun.
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    737 Max freakout

    The problem with the Max happens when the autopilot system mistakenly senses the plane stalling. It responds by nosing down. Normally the proper way to deal with something like this is to pull the circuit breaker for that system and fly the plane yourself. If it happens on takeoff there may...
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    *** Official Billabong Pipe Masters thread ***

    I saw it on local news in LA (ch 5). If someone had told me about this ride I would not have believed them.
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    What kind of creep did this?

    Probably a commercial fisherman.
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    This fire is nuts...

    !. They didn't have a camera crew with them, They were spotted by a TV news crew. 2. I reckon there might be people there who need stuff. It was longer than ONE day. 3. Maybe you're right and the world just sucks.
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    This fire is nuts...

    I saw video of Alex Gray and Robbie Reistrell, among others, using boats and jet skis to deliver supplies to the burn area where all the roads are closed. Much respect.
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    swim workouts

    I used to tie my leash to the diving board and paddle to stretch out the leash. Good paddle practice.
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    At What Age do you Add more foam

    At age 50 I went up to a 6' 10", 2 3/4" thick Bonzer egg.
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    Mexican Food in Long Beach, CA?

    Super Mex at First and Alamitos
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    San O' help

    When I was about 13 and learning to surf, we camped for a week at San Clemente State Beach. A huge swell came up and it got a little rough for me there so my dad took us to San Onofre for the day. I remember walking up to the bluff at one of the trails. Looking up and down the coast as far as I...
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    **** Official J-Bay Pro Thread ****

    Pushing the boundaries of fvckery.