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    JS Sub Xero

    I love my JS Flaming Pony. Point taken about worst model names.
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    Twin Fins Are Dank

    that's gotta be a kneeboard.
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    Will it work

    try to track down tom@daumtooling who posts on this site sometimes. I believe his company made lockbox?
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    ci twin fin?

    From what I've seen, MTF is a wing to a small swallow tail. MTF altered (dane's version) just goes from a bump to the small swallow tail.
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    except that futures have cant built into the fin and fcs fins don't.
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    Who are the shapers of your quiver?

    I feel like a lot of the big name LA shapers have either moved away (Matt Calvani, Tyler Hatzikian, Ian Zamora, Wegener), passed away (Anderson, Kennedy) or have retired or ghosted (Brian Hilbers). Schroff lives in San Pedro if you want to go his unique alt 80's style. He's really out there as a...
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    Black Friday Deals

    if you have surfline, don't forget those one time coupons. $100 of JS in the US, $25 off Pyzel plus free traction, 20% off Vissla (wetsuits included)
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    Custom Order Deposits: Refund Seeking

    Also just to add to positive shaper stoke, I've had customs from Larry Mabile (ghostbuster twinzer), Barry Snyder (WPF wide tail version), and Guy Okazaki. All were good, Larry and Barry experiences were above and beyond. Mabile's assistant Mica (I think that's her name) was so on top of things...
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    Custom Order Deposits: Refund Seeking

    I would call. emails easily get lost and are sometimes handled by someone other than the shaper. This just happened to me with Roberts the other day. Used his online email form, didn't hear back for a couple days so I called the factory. Robert answered and after 10 minutes of talk i had a pic...
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    Album Surfboards

    Damn, nice wave. Looks heavy. Board doesn't look very big in that pic.
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    JS Sub Xero

    Yeah it initially started when my friend first bought the board. Surf shop he bought it from told him that was normal for that construction and didn't even give him 10% off merch. ha! I didn't get the board until later after the problem was pretty widespread. Probably the reason he gave me the...
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    JS Sub Xero

    actually the hyfy i have is an early one and has lam issues too in that a thin layer of epoxy has peeled off anywhere there's a logo or art and a couple other places, but it has shockingly had no effect on the board. Obviously that's a bad flaw but it seems as if they've figure that problem out...
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    JS Sub Xero

    damn, this might be my next board. Addicted to the hyfy flaming pony I've had on permanent loan from a friend. It's been bulletproof and have been riding it in everything including days it's clearly not meant for so I kinda wish it had a little more top end. Hope they come out with epoxy or hyfy...
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    Any shops that have a large online selection of in-stock ready to purchase boars?

    s does Board Source in Carlsbad ship? They seem to stock all of the moonlight glassing boards they used to sell at the Surfy Surfy shop which are all yolo worthy. Or Mollusk if you're looking for that kind of board?
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    Album Surfboards

    Just curious, how'd you come up with the dims for this board? At 5'9 it definitely seems thinned out from the standard version based on your volume, but not quite as thinned out as the East version?