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    Album Surfboards

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    Who had that Bitcoin target price prediction?

    good riddance. pretty much everone had him on ignore
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    Unidentified Surfing Object (USO)

    Frodo yolo holy chit u gays r killing me, Edit; guys
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    Lost 1996 Round Nose Fish?

    When I was a young buck I rode rnf3 at 5’8 and rnf 5 fin at 5’7. That 5’7 was custom shapers night boar and was epic. Now I’m old af and might try a 5’10 rnf 96.
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    Do u still have them?
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    Modern board like Lost RV

    Stamps wtfo quad set up. Best boar I ever ridden.
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    Firewire cancels FCS

    Fk fin boxes. Glassons only for me from now on
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    State Park E-Bike Ban Petition

    yup as long as the motor is electic u can take it anywhere. malls r next.
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    State Park E-Bike Ban Petition

    As long as it is e powered anything goes… I’m gonna fly my e copter and land on the fkn beach at trestles
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    *** Official Rip Curl WSL Finals Thread ***

    so filipe wimped out at chopes and will still be crowned a world champ. so best surfer in under 4ft soft waves
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    State Park E-Bike Ban Petition

    link? it's become a war zone down there lately with the ebikes and motorcylces on occasion.
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    State Park E-Bike Ban Petition

    wish they would remove them from trestles. i’d rather walk in if they weren’t t around
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    State Park E-Bike Ban Petition

    Tyler Warren on a mission. If interested u can sign. if not whatevas
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    A&H Vessels | Handshaped Surfboards | San Clemente, CA

    did u go to college?
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    Album Surfboards

    nailed! stick to 1-2 shapers and refine to end up with what works for you or be like n4s and shape ur own.