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    Album Surfboards

    sand to fit futures fold over futures what else? same box since the 90's. never improved.
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    Tim Stamps - Shaper of the Year

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    Rounded pin tail twins

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    brand x skate shoes?

    1980’s Eastern Europe called, they want their shoes back
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    Rounded pin tail twins

    been riding a quad ml that seems to pretty much blow these away. quad pin will be the next big thang. just watch...
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    Twinzer Feedback?

    Let's Go Brandon!
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    FS: Album Twinsman RT

    is it a twin dankness?
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    Sharpeye Surfboards

    how big is ur sailboat?
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    ***The Official Mid-Length Thread***

    paul at chilli usa says he rides the middy as his shortboar these days. i will eventually get one. looks like a lively ride.
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    Rounded pin tail twins

    Japanese shark very friendly
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    The Craigslist Thread pizza ftw!
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    Rounded pin tail twins

    felt one up today. flat tail rocker, low long entry. more pulled template than some of the others. felt good under arm. prly better wave mid twin. 6'11 felt money.
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    ***Official 2022 Community Surf Journal***

    fun soft peaks in north oc. chilli midstrength perfect boar. frontside foam climbs and reos. nice backside roundy to high foam rebound. boar feels like a shortboar once up and riding. tripping on how much rocker it has. stocked!
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    Album Surfboards

    any fin recs for a sunstone? shapers dots are set at 7" from the swallow tail tips.
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    Album Surfboards

    like more weight flex and iration damping