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    Waikiki During Quarantine

    Both Kandell's played high school water polo. I was their coach. Those two were team clowns who always had classic comments making fun of mostly adults. Coulda done more squats and deadlifts for sure.
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    Mental Health thread

    The river swimming is good. Cool water, low 50's right now, and the fact that I have to fight the current, just like I'm fighting to stay sane and positive. OR starts school soon, and it is going to be nerve-wracking and a :poop: show. Teaching 6 year olds remotely, might as well teach dogs...
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    *** Official 2020 El Ogro Birthday Thread ***

    HBD El Ogro. Hope all your wishes come true. Oh shet, just read your post! :drowning:
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    Creepiest surf spots

    Worked out in Campbell Industrial and would surf around the corner from there alone on lunch breaks sometimes. Saw a lot of shadows, maybe real maybe not.
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    Creepiest surf spots

    Once and a while they would be laughing as they poured chum over the side of the boat! Thanks guys!
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    Creepiest surf spots

    Wailupe, anywhere between goats and kaneohe bay, paddling out to Rabbits or Mokes, Sandy's side, bodysurfing black pt and kaiks, westside Coweye and Molos.... Hell, any place at certain times are creepy.
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    Rest In Peace Brother Larry (surfwordz)

    RIP Surfwordz! :( Just reading his posts taught me about resilience and positivity.
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    Crowds at your local?

    Bend is a tourist town, so more crowds now that it's warm + covid tourist looking to get into the outdoors.
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    Mental Health thread

    The river swimming is SAVING me right now. Cooler water and swimming without flipturns brings back the ocean swimming memories. That rhythm just clears the head. May have to look into wetsuit for the winter months.
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    Shark Problems

    ^^ agree with that. Only problem I would have with sharks is if one was attacking me and trying to eat me. Otherwise, it ain't no problem I should be involved in. How about staying out of the water if you are scared or worried?
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    ***Official FIRES thread***

    Damn, buddy just got the mandatory evacuation notice for almost all of Carmel Valley. He says his neighbors are staying, I told him to split, not worth it. Tough decisions to be made.
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    Roy's restaurant Hawaii

    Older sister of a girl in my high school class married Roy. Knew a few guys who worked the HK place, made good money and never complained about the conditions or people to me. Of course that was with the Japanese/foreigners coming in and throwing cash a while back. Cost of living may be an issue...
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    Young surfer dies in Mexico

    RIP grom! Damn, life is a gift.
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    ***Official FIRES thread***

    Friend who lives in Carmel Valley has been texting me updates. CA is burning. Stay safe everyone affected!
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    When it comes to Bourbon Whiskey...

    Didn't want to start another thread, and this is what I've got going now.