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    Does the Bern stand a chance?

    Comparing ANY of the Scandinavian countries to America is lame. What works for them won't necessarily work for us, and vice-versa. We are this huge, sprawling, wildly heterogeneous and diverse country of 330 million people mostly descended from immigrants, and have a historical culture of...
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    Does the Bern stand a chance?

    Lest we forget: In Sweden there is also a 25% VAT on all non-food items and a $3.20/gal gas tax.
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    CNN in full meltdown today.

    CNN is arguably an anti-Trump version of Fox News. Both have some factual news reporting during the day, but in the evening turn into Pro-Trump or Anti-Trump propaganda machines. CNN, Fox, MSNBC, Sinclar, etc. are not to be considered reliable news sources for anything that can be even...
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    A pic of the spot you grew up on.....

    Close-out city was my stomping grounds.
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    Goddess or Planet?

    A hundred bucks says that without major lifestyle changes and weight loss, she doesn't live to 60.
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    Dave McCoy RIP

    People I know who knew him personally are unanimous in saying he was a great guy. Blessings to the McCoy family and thanks to Dave for many years of great runs!
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    Mexican Food

    There's a zillion places like that in California. Most Gabachos never set foot in one. if you get dialed into one though, you are in for Mexican Culinary Gold.
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    More libcuckoldry: regressive libs demand Sanders campaign renounce Joe Rogan endorsement

    The ideological purity tests that Obama warns against.
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    Come clean about your dislike for Trumby. Do you hate HIM or his policies? Or Both?

    He doesn't need to be compared to anyone else. His despicability stands tall on its own merits.
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    Rush Limbaugh - done?

    When Rush first started out around '90 he was actually pretty entertaining, even if he was mostly wrong. He quickly devolved into a typical radio rant machine, and since Cheeto has been Prez, Rush has debaased himself and gone full sycophant.
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    Come clean about your dislike for Trumby. Do you hate HIM or his policies? Or Both?

    The problem is, we are getting a despicable human being.
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    Clown World Never Stops!

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    California democrats propose making voting compulsory, sending nonvoters to reeducation camps.

    The title of this post should be "A California Democrat... I suspect a substantial number of Dems don't think this way.
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    When did groms dropping in become normal?

    I was out once at Steamer Lane on a small summer day, there was about 5 guys out. Waist high, longboards only, just big enough to not be scary close to the rocks. One guy was a dad teaching his little kid how to surf - he pushed that kid into waves all day long blatantly in front of everybody...