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    Want more government?

    Remember this?
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    Is Tara Reade going to be a problem?

    Stormy Daniels, Marla Maples, Ivana Trump, his other women both paid and unpaid, and all the contractors his construction company screwed over the years.
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    Time Machine

    Camp Roberts??? As in between Paso and King City?
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    Meanwhile, in New Zealand

    Compare NZ's Covid stats with US states of similar size, like Minnesota or Alabama or Louisiana.
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    Re-opening schools in the fall....

    Lest we forget, lawsuit avoidance is a major driver of school policy in America. That and "equity".
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    How does the erBB feel about a rushed coronavirus vaccine?

    Whenever they come out with one, the anti-vaxxer crowd will go on a full court press disinformation campaign to paint the stuff as toxic as possible. Stand by for the bullshit to be flying thick and fast, obscuring all sensible discourse.
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    cool fact about lobsters...

    Cool fact about lobsters: Their tails look great on the grill next to a bacon-wrapped filet mignon at midnight after an evening of hoop-netting.
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    This too shall pass (Covid-19 visual therapy)

    A little rain, nobody around, looks nice. Enjoy the social distancing while you can!
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    How does the erBB feel about a rushed coronavirus vaccine?

    If "rushed" means "we cut corners to get this to market", then I'll pass. If it means "we hauled ass to get this to market", then I'd consider it. Subtle but important distinction.
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    1.8% of US population lives in nursing homes...

    Apparently a lot of people think that those old folks' lives have less value than everybody else's.
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    Hairstylist with covid-19 served 84 clients while showing symptoms..... i.e., why Americans can’t be trusted.

    Oregon is really rural too. When you get out of Portland or Eugene you're out in the sticks. Lots of inbreeding, or so it seems.
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    happy birthday baliidiot

    Copule of -erBB OGs right there.
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    Vote by Mail: Why does Trump hate the troops so much?

    The GOP has always had as a key strategy keeping the number of people who vote as small as possible. IDK what they are thinking about restricting absentee ballots because the conventional wisdom was always that the vote-by-mail people were more likely to vote Repub.
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    Re-opening schools in the fall....

    I used to love it when the prof wrote their own textbooks. You are almost guaranteed to pass just by regurgitating what the book said and never go to class. Winning!
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    Do we now have a consensus that China is not our buddy

    I had a warm water outdoor shower plumbed in when we remodeled our crackerbox a few years ago. It just drains to a sand/gravel pan and out the french drain to the gutter. Best decision ever.