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    Ryan Burch Surfboards

    I wonder why he made so many stock toes. Are they that much quicker to shape than a Squit? They've never interested me, but that's mainly because of the paint job...
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    Tomo revo fins?

    Costco titty fins made by Motorboat Designs.
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    There are a few cheeky YOLOs if you click the 'Under Construction' sign on Ryan Burch's website...;)
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    The Craigslist Thread

    Man, those pads make me sadder the longer I look at them...
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    ***Official Surf Podcast Thread***

    I like Jamie Brisick's podcasts, but interviewing Tom was doomed to fail from the start. Jamie tried to get him to open up, but he would end up saying what he hoped Tom would say whilst Tom just said, "Um,"
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    Catch Surf Opinion

    What you need is an iBolic mid length Tomo Firewire with jet-propelled Endorfins and a E-bike with fat tires.
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    Stab E.A.S.T. with Mick

    Yeah, I took a look yesterday. Didn't know how to answer some of the questions...
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    Stab E.A.S.T. with Mick

    Maybe it's just hipsters big upping themselves and buying boards they can't handle?
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    Stab E.A.S.T. with Mick

    He does a podcast called Swell With My Soul that's part of the Surf Splendour series. I deleted it because I found Brink too pretentious and his voice annoying, but I'm giving it another go now that I realise he is totally genuine.
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    Stab E.A.S.T. with Mick

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    Varial foam Article/Ride Reports?

    Some of the pics in this thread show more dimples than regular PU boards. I wonder why that is? Is it due to more inconsistencies in the foam? That would be weird considering all the tech talk on the Varial website...
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    ***Official Surf Podcast Thread***

    Tried listening to The Lineup with Ashton Goggins. That guy is such a tool. Gave up just after he said, "I'm a core surfer." Does anyone actually say that kind of cringe?
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    Stab E.A.S.T. with Mick

    Yeah, that was so good. So fun hearing the back and forth between the shapers. They all come across really well. Brink, what a legend. The winner was a beauty of a board too.
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    Varial foam Article/Ride Reports?

    Been reading through all this Varial talk. Made me reconsider getting both my Simon Shapes boards in Varial because pressure dings cause me pain. Going PU for my 6'6 Double Bump, but said I'd take the 5'10 asym swallow tail in Varial if it's in infused glass. However, is that an in-shop only...
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    Tomo MPH

    Your board looks exactly the same! Do you do commissions?