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    MLB 2022

    Yankees/Cardinals World Series. :porcorn:
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    2022 Tropical Systems

    Florida panhandle beaches going to be absolutely pumping the next 2 days. Surgical strike anyone? I'm sure Ben Gravy's on his way. Ian for the dream!
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    RIP Kalani David

    Freddy Booth explained the situation on his IG post. Sounds like a tug of war for his remains between parents. Sad! Sounds similar to Sunny's situation.
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    Florence Marine Sale

    Florence Marine goes under or JJF retires from competitive surfing due to his fragile knees. Which happens first?
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    Puerto Escondido

    On solid SW swells, 1 out of 25 waves is makeable. On solid SSW-S swells, 1 out of 15 waves is makeable. Pick your poison.
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    2022 Tropical Systems

    Past Cabo Pulmo? It appears the window was between 9pm and dawn before the wind picked up. My buddy was at a tucked in NE facing point up that way last night and said the first set of the Kay swell rolled in just after dark with no wind. It was firing at midnight.
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    2022 Tropical Systems

    An 8 degree window and would require a bombing hurricane with the perfect storm track to work.
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    *** Official National Parks Thread ***

    La Jolla bottomed out at 85° last night for the overnight low. For coastal San Diego, that was absolutely brutal!
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    2022 Tropical Systems

    A potential historic storm is currently organizing off Mainland Mex. The latest European model run has a massive Cat 5 storm, Hurricane Kay, passing just to the SW of Cabo early next week. If it stays on that track or better yet shifts further West, for Cabos sake, this storm will produce a...
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    The Gamblers of the ERBB

    This is playing out exactly as I predicted. I'm up $4,000 on these two "heavies" and will play them both one more time tonight. I just need either one to win tonight to put me over 5k for the tournament.
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    *** Official Rip Curl WSL Finals Thread ***

    It appears the swell gods will finally answer the WSL's prayers and snap the elongated run of a season full of mediocre contest swells. Powerful Southern Hemi storm forming on the charts this weekend off New Zealand which will send a solid SW swell arriving 9/11-12. That is if the forecast...
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    Impregnating a native Nias villager? :shrug:
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    Breathholding contest in La Jolla?

    I gave Eddie Rothman a ride to Scorpion Bay from Loreto airport 10 yrs ago and we had a deep conversation about localism and outsiders that try to infiltrate local spots. I told him that I'm from Jersey and have been surfing Windansea/Simmons since 96. He said "You evah receve cracks?" I said no...
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    Breathholding contest in La Jolla?

    Was the LJ vlog kid involved? Isn't he 1 strike away from being thrown in the state penitentiary for a long time?
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    My girlfriend and I were renting an apartment at Rocky Rights for a month over the millennium New Years 2000. On our way up the beach trail to catch the sunset on the 31st we came across a wedding ceremony about to take place in the backyard of the Jones' house. It was Conan and Malia Jones NYE...