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    Ho brah not for long. I heard Billy Kemper and Sunset Beach BJJ are on their way! :shameonyou:
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    Young surfer dies in Mexico

    This happened to a great guy and experienced surfer from Santa Cruz when I was down there in 2012. We were surfing a fun chest high day at a point a little ways up the coast from Salina Cruz. Would never think someone could die on a day like that. Unfortunately it's when you least expect it as...
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    ***Official 2020 Tropical Weather Thread***

    Another blown forecast by NHC, exact same situation unfolded during Odile. Was lucky to get the last flight out yesterday (Wednesday) before the airport ceased operations. Tuesday was waist high at first light, 15ft by 3pm. Every East Cape point was overloaded with bombing outside washthroughs...
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    Cold water ear issues?

    Listen to me... DO NOT GO UNDER THE DRILL! I had my right ear drilled exactly eleven years ago today at UCSD medical center and have had nothing but problems in that ear ever since. First off the post surgery recovery is an absolute b#tch. I couldn't open my mouth or eat for 2 weeks or...
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    Dog question for the collective erbb brain trust

    My boy Duncan, Yorkie-poo. Picked him up from the San Diego airport when he was 5 weeks old not knowing what to expect. He's now 10 and has brought nothing but joy and unconditional love to my life... and many honeys, he's the ultimate chick magnet. The best decision I ever made!
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    I just asked for a blue spray and that's how it came out.
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    This board is f^kng mental!
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    Hydroshort XTR custom

    Picked up my new XTR Tomo Hydroshort today in Oceanside and headed straight to Lowers to break her in. All I can say is WOW.. surfing is gonna be so much more fun on this board. It rides like a hot knife through butter, so responsive and fast, wave catching machine. I wish I was more educated on...
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    A thread about fishing.....just for the halibut.....

    Caught my first Marlin in Cabo last week. 110lb striped that gave one heck of a fight. Landed it in 20 minutes, fillet it on the boat, and had it blackened that night for dinner. Stocked!
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    Just received a call from Shea that my XTR Hydroshort is done and ready for pickup. Stocked! It took exactly 5 weeks to complete. Oh and if you follow XTRSURFBOARDS on Instagram they just posted my board to their story.
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    San Jose del Cabo’s in July

    Just returned from a week in Cabo. It was probably the best and most consistent week of surf I've ever experienced down there. Seven days straight of solid East Cape surf in the few feet overhead range with pristine conditions all week. Even lucked into a more tucked away rippable point further...
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    ***Official 2020 Tropical Weather Thread***

    I was there exactly a year ago today, yikes! Epicenter was 15 miles inland from El Coyul/R Paradisio and it still created a 3ft tsunami. If this thing hit out in the ocean this would be a whole different story. Those shanty towns between Barra and Astata must be wrecked.
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    When did Encinitas stop being a surf town and become Lancerville?

    This is happening in large part due to a local pro snowboarders wife who was rundown while riding her bike on the shoulder and left clinging to life in critical condition last December. She was a Cardiff community planner, activist, and great surfer who ironically tried implementing better...
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    JS Monsta Box..HYFI?

    I have a JS hyfi Monsta Box with exact same dimensions (6’2 x 20 ¼ x 2 5/8, 34.6 L) and absolutely love the thing. Been riding it for 2 years now and its still in great condition. Hint: Keep your board in a day bag and it will last much longer. Checking in at 6'1" 205lbs I thought this board...