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    Sprinter Van Owners

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    Sprinter Van Owners

    Well, I'll definitely be needing to get a hold of you next time I'm in Kitsap County!
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    Lately, in the environment, we need enforcers more than ever

    I would burn all of you kooks if we were out at Porto together........
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    Parents with kids that surf...

    Word from the El Porto wireless is that these guys are non native to MB insta local Wavestorm riding kooks. WNB=Would Not Buy.
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    Parents with kids that surf...

    We used to roll into Bruce's Liquor (El Porto Market) daily in college living on 44th St.
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    Big Sur

    Can you put a price on naked ladies in public? I went last August with my wife and coincidentally, there was a yoga retreat happening at the same time we were there. All chicks. All naked. All starring at me like I was a piece of meat, as I was one of few guys there. If I was a young single...
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    Big Sur

    Esalen is pretty great.
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    ***Official Central Coast tourist madness thread***

    You guys sound ridiculous. You shoulda seen Newport this weekend. All of Riverside and San Bernardino County came to visit. In fact, they've been here all summer. And every summer previous. The normal 7-10 minute drive to drop my boy on the peninsula at junior lifeguards took 30-35 minutes...
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    The Random Photo Thread

    I've always been afraid of that happening. Fortunately, I've just been lucky it hasn't.
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    This is the way we roll with SFPD

    Wonder what ever happened to Nep? That dude was classic.
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    Lacrosse Is Rad: 2020 PLL Championship Highlights

    East Coast frat boy douche bag game.
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    When it comes to Bourbon Whiskey...

    I'll bet you High Times has it. I was just there today buying a case of assorted IPAs for a buddy that did me a solid. That place has everything. I don't drink much but I usually go there to buy gifts. I've found wine from an obscure little Santa Barbara winery that I didn't even think sold...
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    Backpack recommendations

    My son's junior lifeguard backpack has an exterior strap for fins and separate dry bag for wetsuit. Quicksilver brand. I was going to swipe it from him at the end of summer but he likes it so much, he's going to use it for school. (Whenever that happens.....)
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    Wetsuits - how much does height/weight matter?

    Geez bro. You need to eat a double cheeseburger.