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    Kids getting caught in crossfire as US gun violence surges

    Outlaw skydiving.
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    Grow Site Found by Rangers in Death Valley NP

    He said Trona. :dancing: From what I’ve seen in this thread those vatos are/were pendejos. Start with it’s the only green in a huge area. Is there anybody with an IQ over room temperature that doesn’t know that big brother is watching?
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    Is some space machinery turned meteor going to hit us tomorrow?

    New Jersey. Hopefully you’re out of the blast zone. If not, this might be a good time for a goodbye post.
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    8 predictions for 2030

    Everyone loves an optimist! In 2030 those freezing macking nw obsf swells are gonna see a bunch of Mr. Doof and his royal wokeness? I hope so! 2040, stick a fork in the both of you, you be long done. Something to look forward to. I’ll get you guys a hookup at the wave pool with 8’ tubes and...
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    Happy Birthing People's Day!

    Tell us about La Malinche! The tale is not complete without her. Great album. We’re expecting three generations of moms on Monday, mothers day here is on the 10th and is a big blowout.
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    Republicans are openly a cult of personality

    Moving to Sedona pre 1980? Maybe. 40+ years later? Not so much. Especially if you’re too old for slide rock.
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    *** The Official 2021 What Are You Listening To Thread ***

    Young Alton Ellis was smooth tough. Check out the Blues Busters if you’re into rock steady style. Different direction
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    Grow Site Found by Rangers in Death Valley NP

    N for not even remotely new. Looks like a better place for poppies but what do I know.
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    Happy birthday ShiverMeTimbers!!!

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    The Mosquito Coast (1986)

    Did you (or others) read the book before you saw the movie? The book is great but I can’t see the story in the condensed form necessary for screen.
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    8 predictions for 2030

    I’ll be 74 (if I make it). Does it come with handrails? :drowning:
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    Remember when Trump vowed to launch a platform to compete with Twitter and Facebook after he got banned?

    Remember when you vowed to quit the erBB if Biden got elected?
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    Who Got Poked (Besides Your Mom)

    No cutting in line. :shameonyou: One down, one to go. No problem.
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    Who Got Poked (Besides Your Mom)

    I went 10 days ago, had all my paperwork, my wife drove up from town, we waited for an hour, and they sent us home. No juice. My wife just called, gonna try again today.
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    Alyssa Milano DONE!!!

    Careful wigga you be catchin a cap in yo ass. :shameonyou: