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    Is the East Coast about to score?

    Dear Moderator, Please move these posts to the GQ thread. ;)
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    Is the East Coast about to score?

    We may have gotten some rideable waves up this way. :waving:
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    California, who are the lunatics in charge?

    I thought this was funny until I realized that a number of other states passed laws requiring that they follow the California motor vehicle standards, and my state is one of them. :toilet::toilet::toilet:
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    Mountain Lion in Hawaii

    Undoubtedly another effect of climate change.
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    New York: Swim in the ocean without lifeguards, go to jail.

    Further evidence of the inability of government to act in a reasonable, responsible way to benefit its citizens. Was he released immediately without bail, or did they have to hold him for his own good?
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    The Gamblers of the ERBB

    To quote Joshua from War Games, "The only way to win is to not play".
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    The Gamblers of the ERBB

    Why not eliminate all the aggravation and expense of traveling to the casino? Just take the cash you were going to bet and flush it down the toilet. :toilet: :toilet: :toilet::foreheadslap:
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    Ithththt's a Climate Emergency!

    I wish everyone would stop worrying so much about the climate. I have no doubt that world leaders will manage the climate as effectively as they have always done with the economy.
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    The Random Photo Thread

    It took a very skillful and experienced core drill technician to find the cables hidden in the concrete. :foreheadslap:
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    5 shark attacks in 2 weeks on Long Island

    The National Safety Council puts the odds of being fatal shark attack at around 1 in 3,748,067, meaning your chances of death by heart disease, lightning or fireworks is much higher. Lifetime risk is calculated by dividing 2003 population (290,850,005) by the number of deaths, divided by 77.6...
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    5 shark attacks in 2 weeks on Long Island

    When I was a kid, it was rare to even see a seal. Marine Mamal protection act has resulted in a huge increase in the seal population up here. To paraphrase Field of Dreams, If you give them food, they will come. My beach was recently closed for shark sightings.
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    colonoscopy blues

    Can't count how many I've had due to strong family history of polyps. I used to eat a lot the day before the cleanout started since I'd be fasting, but I've learned that only prolongs the cleanout. Now, I eat very little the day before the cleanout begins. Makes the cleanout faster and much...
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    11-Year-Old Who’s Surfed 749 Days in a Row…

    When I think about those 5 degree days in January with a 30 knot offshore wind, wind chill of -19 and a sea surface that would be concave if it was any flatter, I have to say that a kid who would gear up and paddle out in the 5 mil suit with 7 mil boots and gloves certainly has determination...
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    Best TV Show Ever?

    It's Elementary Dr. Watson
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    Anyone missing from the ERBB?

    Financing the next surf trip