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    What exactly is Donald Trump’s platform in 2020?

    Probably not, too many people are convinced their votes don't mean a thing.
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    Surfing Oregon Inlet

    What's the deal? This seems a little more hardcore
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    *** Official Corona Virus Thread ***

    Agree but politicians should be leading by example, they aren't, they are being self-serving to the short term "side", and both sides are doing it, though Trump and friends are worse of the two
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    Pat Curren needs your help

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    Defunding the post office to rig an election

    The republican appeal to fear tactic once more, not unlike the democrat appeal to fear tactic, both are stupid,
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    Can we talk about Sturgis?

    Was that bad rap supposed to be a Fresh Prince cover?:roflmao:
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    Biden: The blacks are all the same...

    Biden being a candidate means the old people are still running this country
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    Jerry Falwell Jr - Done

    Falwell Camperi Hustler Magazine!
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    “Buy a house at the beach!” They said. “Build equity! Score a ton of surf!”

    Earthquakes and fires in CA or hurricanes in NY?
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    *** Official Corona Virus Thread ***

    HIV does cause AIDs. Mullis can be bright, get a Nobel yet contrary and wrong in this. Papers will be written about SARS2-CoV19, just give it time for them to be peer reviewed.
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    Electric bikes now everywhere. (stimulus check related)

    E-bikes are plenty of fun, except when they run out of the e
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    Surfers you’d like to see naked

    Don't wanna know what 16 yr old boys you look at