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    ***Official Snow Surfing 2019 - 2020 Thread***

    I honestly wonder how they are going to make any money with this. From what I gather Baldy gets most of their winter revenue from scenic rides. I would think most of the people who have been up there the last couple of weeks are pass holders, I doubt they are selling all that many tickets.
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    ***Official Snow Surfing 2019 - 2020 Thread***

    Mammoth has gotten 140 inches in March and April. That is a very nice March/April. 278 inches at Main Lodge is a below average season, 350 is normal, but with the early base and the strong spring it would have been fun. I got some good days, up there this year, and I was scheduled for a March...
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    Who's working? Who's not?

    I work from home anyway. The difference is that I won't be meeting with anyone, clients or colleagues, for a while. I regularly meet face to face with colleagues when working on a project, that is not happening, but it really is not a big deal. We do have zoom.