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    Official FOX is a joke thread

    didnt know all the details - but whats going to happen when FX - who is def owned by Disney, and FOX share the same office/ studio space? Because they do share the same office/studio space.
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    Official FOX is a joke thread

    since Fox is owned by Disney now, Id say they're subject to the same rules and Disney has a vaccine mandate for anyone in or returning to the office. keep in mind a "journalist" like Tucker Carlson may not be held to the same rules as say his camera man or producer.
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    Tim Stamps - Shaper of the Year

    cant go wrong with a Flare IMO. unless your surfing DOH top to bottom waves i think itll cover all your bases.
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    Move over, Delta.....B. is here.

    the wort part is this is where i get ALL of my news. that makes me the loony-est tune of em all. Gromsdad is my Tucker and Hal is my Coumo
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    True 'colors' of BLM

    im fine with people supporting their own. the jewish folk do it to in their communities. same as support your local shaper.
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    Move over, Delta.....B. is here.

    iIs a bad joke at this point with idiots on all sides including myself at times. im being selfish. i dgaf what they do and really just want to actually go on my vacation to CR in two weeks and be able to go to the ments as planned and already payed for in May. im triple jabbed - should be...
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    Kids have this way of seeing through bullshit.

    who is she and why do we care?
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    Move over, Delta.....B. is here.

    hmmm, according to her makes what some of the resident looney toons here have been saying all along sound sane. people over react over a click baitey headline and now emergency orders are going into effect. so over this b.s.
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    Mental Health thread

    i really need to work on my patience before i get myself fired right before Xmas :cursing: called this lady twice today around noon and no call back, just looking for explanation to a note she gave that I dont have the material to accomplish. i wish i was in a position to "fail up" like these...
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    *** Official Corona Virus Thread ***

    hopefully everyone realizes that the lockdowns are ineffective in this sh!t. every time we lock down, numbers go down as they should, and then we open - numbers go up. cant lock it down forever so whats the point?
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    Mental Health thread

    work is fuckin me up to this am.. had to work the last 2 weekends in a row because people cant provide feedback in a timely manner. im coupled with the worst creative director ive ever met and shes worthless on a project where i actually need some help cracking this puzzle. when i do finally get...
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    Jihad Squad

    the thing is i bet not even Boebert believes this sh!t. the journalist in the vid said it correctly. they are lies to charge up the base and she knows her base. thats it. her base is the same idiots who believe in jewish space lasers so yea
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    ***Official 2021 Community Surf Journal***

    couldnt find a corner to save my life this a.m. nice morn ing though :shrug:
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    Move over, Delta.....B. is here.

    i remember December 2020 leading up to New Years. Yay were going to have the vaccine, 2021 is going to be the best. 2021 ended up being Corona Virus limbo but all in all for me, a great year financially and socially despite the lingering effects. We raged and earned like there was no Corona...
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    2021 Holiday weigh-in

    just going by my own personal experience. i dont remember a time in my life where i couldnt do 10 chinups but when i first started training i could only do a few pulls ups. chinups are significantly easier.