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    Tim Stamps - Shaper of the Year

    I want to order a TKF or Banjo. Thinking EPS as I’m loving the feel of my EPS flare. Is the banjo a better fit for eps than the TKF? Want something fast for NCSD reefs
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    Pyzel Ghost?

    yeah gonna need one of these fo sho
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    Pyzel Ghost?

    i assume its just a preference of shape at that point
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    board logos

    the main shaper for Dyno was Brom
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    board logos

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    Ryan Sakal

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    Ryan Sakal

    Scout is truly an insane board!!! Mine is pretty beat up haha
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    DHD - "Utopia"

    Brian Wallin shapes all the DHDs in the US
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    Ryan Sakal

    I ride his Scout and Chief models. The Scout is incredible. I haven't take the Chief out yet (it's his step-up model) but it came out looking so good. Ryan is my go-to shaper. Incredibly nice guy, invites you to his shaping bay to nail down a custom, always has sick looking shapes in there, and...
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    September of 2022: What's your favorite board right now?

    Also a DK quad, but mines a speed dialer shape tuned for performance with more entry rocker and super thinned out tail. Also using the "Super Dialer" fins vs. the canard quads made all the difference
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    Does anyone make something like this...

    Furrow Floyd Pepper does this sooooo good but it's got different contours than whats in your wish list
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    SOLD: Sharpeye Disco Cheater 5'8 $325

    5'8.5 x 19.75 x 2.55 (30.6L) Picked this up from Board Source 2 weeks ago. Rode it once and it's a little too small for me at 180+ Price reflects condition which is great, but not excellent. no open dings or repairs needed. Mild to moderate pressures and a couple small professionally fixed...
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    the flipside is that i've hated some boards as a thruster but once switching to a quad they've become my go-to boards. The Pyzel Phantom in particular. I didn't dig it as a thruster but riding it as a quad is magical for me. So I'm all about the 5-fin setups!
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    DK dialer been my DD lately. such a fun board. i did switch out the canard quads for Pavel "super dialer" fins and it's made the board even better
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    Most shitious board brand?

    Degree33 gotta be up there. Seems like they've made improvements, but also seem like outsiders trying to weasel their way into a now-popular industry. The "About Us" page is cringe. When your whole goal is to just sell boards, you kind of...