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    Stab E.A.S.T. with Mick

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    Firewire cancels FCS

    You would hope so - but more likely it's the fins in general. -What kind of tires do you want on your racecar? -Uh... rubber ones?
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    Firewire cancels FCS

    Price says the company ran through a list of options for the dilemma, including a failed attempt to create a universal fin system, then when supply chain shortages hit during COVID they started surveying customers about design priorities finding that “fins were way down the list of...
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    with the lights out!
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    Thousand Dollar Thrusters

    It's really just to hate surfing and surfboards, in general. But hey - there's always barber college.
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    Custom Lost Order for East Coast

    Some guy 5 years ago in Nova Scotia had a bad experience ordering a Lost so let that inform your decision.
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    Lost Blacksheep

    I think they are killing it for a surf business and maybe they've abandoned the idea of a custom process. FW is likely driving consumers away from customs by flooding shops with stock. Seems like maybe Lost is doing the same thing. I'd be willing to bet there's "surfers" out there that don't...
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    Lost Blacksheep

    Lost doesn't make boards for people that post here. Lost boards are made for the masses. They've always flooded the market with new (read: mashed up) shapes to see what sticks. Why would multiple types of alt tech be any different?
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    Which is your ultimate fav Groveler?

    After this weekend, looking for something that's a longboard beater. Typical East Coast mush. The mushiest of the mush. Anyone have experience with the Bean Bag over a Mini Simm in these kinds of conditions?
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    Why are traction pads $50?

    What about those Mattison pads that were like 36" tall?
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    Why are traction pads $50?

    X-trak went out of business and now everyone is riding mid-lenghts. Not a coincidence.
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    Official **Predict** The New Kool-Aid Design

    New for 2023: Triple concave with spiral vee on the deck. Flat bottom.
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    Official **Predict** The New Kool-Aid Design

    Round tail pod. Quad setup with FCS H-2 sides.
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    Official **Predict** The New Kool-Aid Design

    Black Knight Quad.