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    Step-up recommendations

    My kid is 62x185 and this is his step up to his driver, around this this should be perfect for both growing into and catching solid surf:
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    Need to Buy 2 Indestructible Boards: What do You Choose?

    Was your ding on the bottom? Mine was tagged by an SUP in full trim, I luckily escaped with my life but the board was hit on the rail where the cork wraps around and there was only a hairline fracture. A witness saw the impact and the board shot up in the air. Plus scarcely a dent on the deck...
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    I have torn shoulder labrums and have found exercises that take just a few minutes to both strengthen and increase mobility. I chose to not have surgery on them and for years after injury every winter the cold aggravated some sort of injury keeping me dry for months sometimes. When diligent...
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    Boards for bigger surfers vs smaller surfers

    When I saw that epic carve pic of Tai (pretty much every pic that gets put out of him for that matter) I was thinking it would be cool to have events where there is weight classes like boxing. Tai would be a contender in the heavyweights!
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    ***Official 2021 Community Surf Journal***

    NYD dawn patrol thought swell would be pulsing (like it was this morning!) but only like HH-ish (at the smallest spot in bay area zone) first wave caught with unexpected backwash jack, composed of bottom to run down the line but a nice curl called for semi stall and nice little, albeit brief...
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    Boards for bigger surfers vs smaller surfers

    Spot on and getting a board from larger shapers like Mayhem or Rusty is usually a bullseye
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    Boards for bigger surfers vs smaller surfers

    Sorry to disrupt this thread but as a fellow bigger surfer that has been keenly eying this exact model, would you care to do a ride report? I am 51 6'4x225 +/- and was envisioning your exact dimensions but 6'6" for myself. Big thanks Feral Seppo!
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    Boards for bigger surfers vs smaller surfers

    It's a scaling thing but still keeping in mind that the board has to fit in the same size waves regardless or riders size. I would say if all else is equal taller surfers should ride shorter equipment.
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    Life works in mysterious ways...those are some nice looking blades! Got some 90's hpsb vibes going, been missing the needle noses with all the offshores in my region recently!
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    That sucks so bad! I am a nervous wreak because I have 2 coming from them currently and reading a lot of bad here. I won't be able to eyeball them as they aren't local to me. I will most definitely ask them to QC but sounds like you can't count on a transparent answer. I had one from them a...
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    Best custom order experience

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    Rounded pin tail twins

    Not yet but eventually, probably yes. because i busted up my wrist then gained 15 LBS, I have been riding Townsend exclusively because its my easiest paddler. Just last weekend realised my wrist brace delamed the rail so rather than jack up my other boards I will just ride this all winter looks...
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    fight wetsuits stretch out over time?

    Isurus "conforms to your shape" supposedly
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    *** Official 2020 Community Surf Journal ***

    Dawn patrol glassy sunny reef point surf 3-5' 30-40 yard frontside rides. 2 guys fist half hour then alone fro next 2 hours. Mostly sloopy tic tack walls with long distance cuties on Townsend twin happily and all is well.
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    Anyone used the Billabong Furnace Zipperless?

    I think it is supposed to keep water out, I have never had booties that let water in that I can remember besides a leak. Water eventually gets in eventually either way tho.