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    Best Fullsuit?

    You want durable, warm, plenty Soothie (but stiff as F)get the Isurus 4/3 hooded...peed every sesh (f not doin that!)and basic rinse it's literally like new after a year. Never cold all N Cal winter/actually hot usually-(wouldn't dream of summer surfing in this) *will not dry overnight Tried...
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    Varial foam Article/Ride Reports?

    I have had both XTR and Varial. XTR has more pop off the lip Varial is kind of more nimble, if that makes sense. V, It was very light. The model I had was not for me so I didn't get much time on it then let it go.
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    Varial foam Article/Ride Reports?

    If i am not mistaken Varial is also waterproof?
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    Anyone surfing the Lost RNF redux?

    Good board but Wasn't sure after trying many different fins then found twin trailer the best. Really good backside as that set up or quad! Carbon wraps are very lively!!
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    Lost - Short Round sizing?

    I didn't like as quad only liked mine as thruster in small Hawaii pockety waves tho. Allowed more of a shortboard approach as opposed to the fishier boards (bottom feeder/then puddle jumper) I was riding in the same waves. I could see quad being better in sloopy or down the line. 6'4/230 6'1"...
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    Lost - Short Round sizing?

    Mine was carbon wrap, 6'1" (3 inches below my height) great in the pocket and one of my fave boards ever! Honestly brought a spark back to my surfing and would recommend to anybody like me-I am 50 and scarcely get to surf. Hope that helped!
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    Vissla Wetsuits

    A little off the track of this subject but when do the new model suits start coming to market? Specifically Rip Curl and Isurus? I am in the market but don't want to purchase just to have the new ones come in right after. More on topic, I had an excel drylock and it was very stiff...
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    Patagonia Wetsuits

    Looser interesting, My 4/3 is hooded and zippered vs no hood or zipper so that would offset the experiment maybe. I can see Isurus session lasting longer, I was only out in RC for about an hour. One other thing I noted was when I rinsed them they the Isurus was heavier too.
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    Patagonia Wetsuits

    Slightly off topic. I decided to upgrade, try Yamamoto rubber and purchased Isurus 4/3 hooded. Fits well, warm, and construction/materials seem high quality. However downside is stiffness, heavy, and long time to dry. I took out my sons 4/3 Rip Curl flash bomb zipperless same day comparison and...
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    Lost Surfboards Carbon Wrap vs C4 comparison?

    Thanks for your reply Ivan. I personally do experience a positive difference in boards, poly for example, feel more positive in juicier and or chopier conditions. I have tried surf tech and I agree with you 100% they feel very corky in a bad way and not good for me at all. Speaking of corky...
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    Lost Surfboards Carbon Wrap vs C4 comparison?

    Hi, I am wondering if anyone has had a chance to compare these two constructions? I have a Short Round model in Carbon Wrap that was terrific, but now buckled. I will be replacing but considering C4 instead. I am curious if one handles more/less size or chop better than the other for...
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    more bored models from Lost

    Wondering, are the controllers you refer to Yellow? I have not seen those in person nor the ones I saw posted here a few times that are blue with lost logos (which I do know will be released by futures next spring, blue or not?) But am curious if they are the same thing and also if so how they...
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    Futures Jordy, AM2, Rusty, EA, V2F4 5-fin, Solus, & Controller

    Please let me know if you come across the upcoming release fins Controler/Mayhem quads. Will buy, thanks!
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    ...Lost Domestic Series

    Are those fins the reqular controlers or the Mayhem versions?? If the latter did they send it out with those? Thanks!