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    I was gearing up to surf Scripps with my buddy when he called and told me to turn on the TV. I watched the second plane hit. Don't remember if we ended up in the water or not. The only other thing I can remember from that day is that I was supposed to go out with this summer seasonal worker...
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    *** Official 2020 Community Surf Journal ***

    Surfed yesterday and today. Got some closeout barrels. Holy sh!t it was crowded today.
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    Creepiest surf spots

    Before any of you guys get excited, RRM is unbelievably, maddeningly fickle. It might break a few days in a given season. The bar needs the right river water levels to exist, the right breach point along the beach to exist, the right swell conditions to exist (one big swell will rip out all...
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    Creepiest surf spots

    Inverness is 13 miles inside Tomales Bay. If there was a peak breaking in there I would be completely spooked.
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    Creepiest surf spots

    LOL that was your mind playing tricks on you. Salmon Creek is about the least creepy spot between SF and the Lost Coast. Well, not the Boardwalk peak. That's sharky as hell. The most creeped out I've ever been is out somewhere around Point Reyes. Solo. With an inquisitive adult seal that...
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    ***Official Central Coast tourist madness thread***

    The fires Leaverite referenced are even worse on the North Coast. Fort Ross is ablaze and Highway 1 is closed through northern Sonoma County. You can probably get up 101 and cut over on 128 if the Cloverdale fire isn't blocking that, but you're not going up north of Jenner. PS. Point Arena...
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    City of Del Mar, kindly f*ck off. (relevant to all San Diego County residents)

    Del Mar isn't that bad. The reefs at 8th and 11th can throw fun walls on the right swell and tide. 15th is probably the prime mother/daughter trophy wife/jailbait circle of life exhibit on the planet.
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    Grateful for flat spell.

    Just looked at the cam, laughed at the solid mass packing the ankle-slappers, and decided to skip the evening session.
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    Surfers you’d like to see naked

    All of them. Contests should be 100% nude from now on, like ancient Greek competition. Sponsored by NVS, of course.
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    Snorkeling spots

    Yes to weights, no to separate hobby entirely - just separate aims.
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    Snorkeling spots

    Sure hope I don't ever have to read your obituary following a freedive accident. Negatively buoyant at 4-5' is reckless.
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    Snorkeling spots

    You want to be neutrally buoyant at half the depth of your intended dive while freediving. Spearfishing I would err towards being neutrally buoyant at close to the depth you're trying to fish at. Overweighting kills.
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    California - legal to dive for crabs?

    just go north of the Golden Gate and wait for a couple to walk out of the ocean at lower tides. I've seen Dungeness the size of dinner plates just ambling along in the wet sand at Salmon Creek from time to time.
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    Step up logic (not guns)

    I surfed both in the overhead (Angourie) to double plus (Lennox) range and can certainly confirm that I got the sh!t kicked out of me at both places. Angourie put a huge gash in the rail of my board and Lennox crushed the nose and left my shins bleeding.