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    Bobby Quad

    Yep. In the comment thread, he corrected to 5'2"
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    New board suggestion

    The Chilli Volume II is worth adding to the consideration set. I've found it to be a fast board, a pretty easy paddler, big sweet spot, and will still crank when you get your back foot back. Good volume down the middle, wide tailblock, and relatively flat exit rocker. It surfs a bit more on the...
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    CI - Two Happy

    So back in February, I ordered a Happy but asked for the Two Happy Groveler just like @Scott Ando told us we could. Dims are 2" shorter, 1/4" wider than my standard shortboard with the same thickness. It came in the other week and I've had it out on a few surfs in punchy, chest high+ beachbreak...
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    Lamina surfboard technology?

    @Pyzelsurfboards how does the feel / performance of the Lamina construction compare to Dark Arts?
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    Detailed Pyzel Dims

    The Pyzel website added some fun detail to their descriptions of the Ghost, Shadow, and Radius. The descriptions for these boards now include measurements of entry / exit rocker, widepoint location, and nose / tail width. As someone who has ridden these boards but doesn't totally trust my eyes...
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    Shadow vs. Fever

    I've had a few Shadows and liked them. As mentioned earlier in the thread, it's a good paddler and fast down the line. The wide point is more forward than most HPSBs, and the foil is thicker than most upfront. To the extent that it's a more "forgiving" board, it comes from the stability and...
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    Customs finally arrive....and they're sh!t. A venting thread

    Just had two arrive from him. Right on schedule. They look great. Have only been on one and it’s spot on for what I was look for. Great consultation with him too.