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    I think that was likely from Hurricane Teddy last year
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    stretch boards support and board pron thread

    Anybody here ever ride a Superbuzz a hair under their height? There's a super clean one for sale here locally but I'm afraid it'll be too big.
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    *** Official Fin Thread ***

    Well duh, different fin box
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    PU vs Epoxy question ...

    If it's indeed EPS, it depends on the density of the blank. 2# stringered EPS feels pretty similar to PU to me.
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    The official Dementia Joe Thread.

    These short clips the far right likes to share are hilarious. So the guy's not the best public speaker and sometimes takes a little bit to get going when gathering his thoughts to speak. It's almost like he's had to overcome a speech impediment or something. Sorry he's not stumbling over himself...
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    The official Dementia Joe Thread.

    So what was the first question? Video seems pretty selectively edited, eh?
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    Wen't to the ER for this once before I knew what it was. Definitely get it diagnosed, but the muscle relaxers they gave me helped.
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    Verdict reached

    Men over 30 are in the clear?
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    ***The Official Rhode Island Thead***

    How's that island just off shore?
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    My pop up has gone to sh!t!!!!

    Deadlifts are the answer here
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    I'll just leave this here :violin:
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    Impeach 46!

    Marjorie Taylor Greene is a despicable human being.
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    How does this thing handle sand/riding on the beach? Tires wide enough? There's a south facing beach near me I've been dying to check out on certain swells, but it requires either a $28 ferry ride (without cars being allowed) or ~8 mile one way beach walk to get to. I guess I should check it...
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    Trump on Twitter - DONE

    Is this real? I can't find it on the wayback machine
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    Big Wednesday coming on 12/2/20

    Whoa, who's the photog in the second to last photo? Insane