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    Surf Equipment: Quality Gear

    Also Carve Armadillo travel bag. Very thick foam protection on nose, tail and rails.
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    Surf Equipment: Quality Gear

    XM Tangle Free leash Matunas wax Vans 3mm booties- was hard putting on when new but after break in they fit like a glove.
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    Minimal Quiver: 4 Boards Max

    5.8 Von Sol Flying Manta 6.4 Greg Griffin DD 6.8 Campbell Bros Egg 5 fin 9.0 Rusty Ted Robinson LB
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    Best bargain brand wetsuit?

    I went with the mid range 4/3 O'Neill Heat this past winter and really liked it. Super flexible (technobutter on new model) and never got cold in water temps of upper 50's. My only complaint about the suit is that they only come in BZ. Old school BZ at that, meaning there is only a flap on the...