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    Water Fasting

    I do man, but as soon as I start adding more miles my knee acts up. My reality would be this scene in reverse... as I run all the leg braces start forming around it instead of falling apart.
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    The destruction of teahupoo reef

    Because most professional surfers are self absorbed idiots.
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    Anyone into Single Malt Scotch Whisky?

    I tried it once more... less angostura. Used a better bourbon too, the Eagle Rare. It was better... but still, not really for my palate. Much can be done with Angostura other than the Old Fashioned though so it's all good.
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    The destruction of teahupoo reef

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    Water Fasting

    I know it's not fasting but a few years ago I tried a soup diet (that you're supposed to only do for 1 week, it's a diet people do before having heart surgery. You can have as much soup as you want, but each day there's something specific you can also eat... I don't remember the order, but I...
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    Anyone into Single Malt Scotch Whisky?

    Black Friday shenanigans... just arrived.
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    What is the coolest surfing picture you have seen on the web?

    Had this as my wallpaper for a while back in the office desktop (when there was an office).
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    What to do with a stack of old Playboys?

    Weren't the pages ruined by the time you managed to unstick all the leaves?
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    Best "Losing your Job" movie

    Falling Down wins hands down... Didn't really know that was the original title. In Brazil it's called "Um Dia de Fúria" (a day of fury).
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    Can we talk about Santos?

    Brazilians world wide making their fellow countrymen proud.
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    Can we talk about extra virgin olive oil?

    This should go to the "Post your quiver shots" thread... kook.
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    Political Meme Thread II

    Fuck your feelings isn't the goal... it's just to balance it out.
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    Water Fasting

    Can you guys pull this off if you have the munchies big time? Question for the weed heads. Weed is the worst enemy of my diet.
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    Political Meme Thread II

    Hear me out... I too think Trump is a POS... but maybe some more "fuck your feelings" is precisely what this pussy generation needs.
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    Can we talk about "can we talk about" threads?

    As foreigner who only has a loose grip on the English language, I always thought saying someone was "done" was disrespectful and should probably be left to assholes. But I've seen people posting "so-and-so done" and it's actually a good, respected person who died so now I'm lost.