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    Creepiest surf spots

    greyhound rock. the GWS superhighway has to be negotiated on the way out. so spooky.
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    Anyone Need a Life Coach?

    dating fucking sucks.
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    Anyone Need a Life Coach?

    it's kind of what i do... some of you know this.
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    Rest In Peace Brother Larry (surfwordz)

    just heard. gutted. fook man, he was the strongest dude, such a sweet and gentle soul. i'm gonna miss our talks. aloha wordz.
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    ***Official surf session invite thread***

    do not come to ventura. GWS will kill you.
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    Crowds at your local?

    i've been getting uncrowded good beachbreak on the daily. just gotta know where around here.
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    The Random Photo Thread

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    Alex Knost?

    he rides a lot of bonzers. makes some 3 finned things himself. the campbell bros. like they guy. he's surfed here before. totally ripped, was very mellow, gave away a board to a local kid. he had a gathering at his gallery for the bonzer bros. nothing but nice. just different.
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    UFC link? found one.
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    UFC link?

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    UFC link?

    anyone? thanks in advance.
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    one covid wave

    the session of dreams. ankle or not, you go!!!
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    RIP Derek and David "Hawaiian" Kalama.

    PPK, sorry for your loss of your brother. my heart goes out to you and the ohana. And sorry about the mix up about Uncle Ben. It circulated wildly earlier today.
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    RIP Derek and David "Hawaiian" Kalama.

    damn. 2 legends in one day. huge loss for the surf world. peace love and light to their families.
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    a friend's nephew is looking for a room to rent in the UCSD area.

    my friend has a really great nephew who got into UCSD. he's a hardworking kid with a car and a dream. does anyone know of a room to rent nearby, (cheap, yo!) or just a bit of a drive? the kid lives here on silver strand now with his mom. good surfer, cool and polite and respectful. add him to...